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hakim green

artist. consultant. educator. speaker.

Hakim Green has been a multi-dimensional force in the music industry for nearly two decades. Front man of the “true school” hip hop group Channel Live, he is an artist, manager, A&R consultant, lecturer, educator and visionary. His group Channel Live, was discovered by the legendary KRS-One and debuted in 1994 with the platinum, Hip Hop anthem “Mad Izm,” which was followed with the gold-status album “Station Identification.”

Hakim’s tree of life in the entertainment industry has been a fruitful one. His consulting work with singer Carl Thomas and producer Mike City brought forth the smash hits “I Wish” and “Make it Alright” off of Bad Boy Entertainment. He served as A&R consultant for the late Jeryl Busby’s Umbrella Entertainment and their 2007 release of Carl Thomas’ latest LP “So Much Better.” This project featured such hit artists as Brandy, Jamaican crossover artist Baby Sham, Dave Hollister, Layla Hathaway, and multi platinum rapper E-40. Multi-Grammy award winning production team Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis along with multi platinum producers Brian Cox and Mike City crafted the sound of this major release.

Hakim’s creativity has also taken shape in visual form with Nas’ video “Got Yourself a Gun” which helped Nas and Sony music reach platinum sales with this Hip Hop classic. Some of Hakim’s other film projects include LL Cool J’s “Love You Better”, Nelly feat. Kelly Roland “Dilemma”. He was also an associate producer for the 20th anniversary release of “Scarface” a movie documentary distributed by Universal Pictures 2004.

In 2007, Hakim was reunited with KRS-One to re-launch the Stop the Violence Movement. This work has galvanized artists, educators, activists and other community leaders to collectively say, “Stop the Violence”. Currently this slogan has become the rallying cry for organizations across the nation and around the world.

The Stop the Violence initiative has produced yet another branch in Hakim’s tree of life, 24hrsofpeace, LLC a community based for profit corporation. This is the next stage for Hakim’s work as it is an amalgamation of knowledge, culture and dedication to ones community. The concept promotes peace, love, unity, and safely having fun, as well as identifying and nurturing the intrinsic value within the community. 24 Hours of Peace seeks to be the conduit between the entertainment and sports worlds, and the communities that support these industries. By building bridges that sustain themselves one day at a time, Hakim says, “with 24 Hours of Peace individual communities have the ability to grow themselves when the most successful sectors have a viable road back”. This concept of building bridges is now Hakim’s life work through 24 Hours of Peace. However, the music doesn’t stop. Hakim’s current musical project, set for release in 2013, is a collaboration with super producer/engineer – ROC Nation’s own, Young Guru.

Hakim’s commitment to education, activism and their expression through entertainment is his personal Life’s Initiative and he is asking everyone to join him.

For more information & booking, contact Gregg Walls @ 917-373-2136 or email at: 24hrsofpeacellc@gmail.com

Let’s Go In for 24 Hours of Peace!! 24hrsofpeace.wordpress.com

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1 01_Phil_Muhammad_skit
Hip Hop Nation .mp4 player .99 Yes
2 02_Secrets_Feat_GD_AK
Hip Hop Nation .mp4 player .99 Yes
3 03_Respect_This
Hip Hop Nation .mp4 player .99 Yes
4 04_Ghetto_Business_Feat_Method_Man
Hip Hop Nation .mp4 player .99 Yes
5 05_Skit_Phil_Valentine
Hip Hop Nation .mp4 player .99 Yes
6 06_Temptation_Feat_Queen_Latifah_
Hip Hop Nation .mp4 player .99 Yes
7 07_Skit_Phil_Valentine
Hip Hop Nation .mp4 player .99 Yes
8 08_Illuminatti_Feat_KRS_One__Marco
Hip Hop Nation .mp4 player .99 Yes
9 09_skit_Phil_Valentine
Hip Hop Nation .mp4 player .99 Yes
10 10_Path_of_God_Feat_Marco_Polo__NY
Hip Hop Nation .mp4 player .99 Yes
11 11_skit_AA_Rashid
Hip Hop Nation .mp4 player .99 Yes
12 12_Turn_it_Up_Feat_Black_OPZ
Hip Hop Nation .mp4 player .99 Yes
13 13_The_Nerve
Hip Hop Nation .mp4 player .99 Yes
14 14_Skit_Hakim__Def_Jam
Hip Hop Nation .mp4 player .99 Yes
15 16_This_is_something_for_you_Feat_M
Hip Hop Nation .mp4 player .99 No
16 17_skit_AA_Rashid
Hip Hop Nation .mp4 player .99 Yes
17 18_New_World_Order_Feat_KRS_One__M
Hip Hop Nation .mp4 player .99 Yes
18 19_Flags
Hip Hop Nation .mp4 player .99 Yes
19 20_Friends
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20 21_Revolutionize_Feat_Black_OPZ
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