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dj pressure,donald d,lord jazz,rakim,prince kool
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rakim,krs one,big daddy kane,main source,lords of
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juice,my phlispy,breakers revenge

Mickey AKA Red Venom was born 26th September 1973. A musical family inspired Mickey to rap, write and sing from a very early age. Eventually at college, DJ Pressure encouraged Mickey to take part in an anti racism talent show at college. In early 2007 Red Venom Winning this gave him the confidence to battle and perform regularly in the Manc hip hop scene!Red Venom has had the pleasure of working with artists such as Roni Size, Donald D.(THE B BOYS), Soundbowi killas, DJ slice, Artful Dodger, The Freestylers, UK Rock Steady Crew, Tim Dogg, The Prodigy, Robbie Reveira, Laidback luke,royce da 59,joel ortiz.morish delta,broken english,the scratch perverts,mark rae,chubby groves,kurtis blow,the furious 5,the jungle brothers and fuzzbox,altered states,afghan headspin, many more,

From then, Red Venom became a fierce contender on the battle rapping stage, featuring in many championing events at Fat City Records, Grand Central and Fever in Manchester.also Freakin Inglish 93 .Produced in 1993 by Mark Ginter & Simon Desser - Phat 'n' All That Productions. FEAT RHYMES FROM REDVENOM.ERIC T.YOZZER manchester based hip hop crew...came out on a tape ep with other tracks via fat city and other stores round the uk . He headed a Jazz & Funk group called Frantic, who toured the UK for three years between '94 & '97. Playing at Happy Jacks in London for a number of record launches, as well as The Boardwalk and PJ Bells in Manchester, the sound of Frantic was similar to that of the Brand New Heavies.

Red Venom sent his sound out through Manchester's Pirate Radio stations & underground clubs, featuring on regular radio nights and live events such as Body Rock at The Roadhouse.After being spotted at The Roadhouse in 1999, Red Venom was signed to Around The World Records on a two single deal ALSO TVT AND SONY RECORDS AND VIRGIN RECORDS(Let's Get It On & Follow Me). These releases featured on several Hollywood feature films such as Miss Congeniality, Bewitched, Sex in the city and also on mtv base.

Redvenom is now working on a new album and the long live hip hop project with artist such as ,Donald d,Brother b from the b boys,also mc craig g from the juice crew allstars.mike g from the jungle brothers,mikey d from main source and the la possie,rahim from grandmaster flash and the furious 5 ,lord jazz (lords of the underground) blacq poet,djdoom,sammy b mantronix,davy dmx,the fat back band,shannon,chad jackson.ugly duckling. and many more too come.stay tuned for the return of real hip hop!!new news just signed b boy supreme track too street sounds records redvenom feat man parish!!IN THE WORDS OF MAN PARISH "RedVenom ! It's his awesome rhymes on the track that takes it over the top .cool stuff !
looking forward to releasing this track for you guys to enjoy.. I personally love this track, it's called B-Boy Supreme featuring Man Parrish and the classic Boogie Down Bronx! ... Peace !

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3 GANG_BUSTA_..mp3
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7 B_BOY_REMIX_.mp3
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