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Rahim Samad
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Slum Village,Gangstarr,Eric B and Rakim,Public Ene
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Glaciers of Ice,Know the Ledge,Lyrics 2 go

Born in the Bronx NY, Rahim practically was born where Hip Hop was born, down the Sedgwick avenue street where Kool Herc used to throw his parties. After moving to Tampa, Rahim began crafting his meticulously rhythmatic rhyme style. He also started writing songs and making beats as well as Djing around the area. The songs he crafted soon formed into his first album titled ‘Freedom/Resurrection’. With strong cuts such as ‘On the Corner’ and ‘Broken Economics’, the album was well received by fans and critics alike. The weekly media newspaper, Creative Loafing, said the album made Hip Hop ‘sound fresh all over again’. Rahim later released his 2nd album titled 'Travel Properly', which was also well received by fans and critics. RapReviews.com gave the album and 8 out of 10 rating and praised the album for its sound as well as Rahim's adept rhyming abilities. The success of the album soon led to the production of a movie written by and starring Rahim called 'Travel Properly'. The movie is slated to be released in winter 2012. Rahim is a multi-talented, hard working artist that is capturing the attention of the masses who are craving innovation. Fans and critics have come to love the VaultClassic Sound, that pulls from Hip Hop’s Golden Era without sounding dated, but instead sounding modernly fresh and innovatively futuristic.

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