Supa Emcee
Member(s) :
Supa Emcee,DJ Versatal
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Hip-Hop Inspirations :
Rakim,Mos Def,Talib Kweli,The Roots,Jay Z
Favorite Artists :
Keith Murray,Ghostface Killah,Common,Heltah Skelta
Top 3 Hip-Hop Songs of All-Time :
The Message,I used to LOVE her,Paid N Full

Supa Emcee is a fierce whirlwind on a crash course to take over the industry.  Equipped with venomous lyrics and a furious disposition Supa has been blessing mixtapes worldwide and dropn cds since 2007.  The release of  A BROTHER FROM ANOTHER PLANET proved that Supa has the respect of some of the illest lyricists in the game and can hold his own. DONT WAKE ME showed Supa Emcees growth and desire to continually push the bar and expand his fanbase.  With the release of PASSING TIME Supa has made it evident that he is not going anywhere. AIN'T NATHAN CHANGED is a unique variety of material that demonstrates Supa's song writing ability. Supa Emcee is determined to go against the grain and make his own path to travel.  While displaying an incredible stage show Supa has opened up for Cassidy, Twista, Freeway, Keith Murray, Paul Wall, Afro Man, Boss, Lady Luck and more.  Supa Emcees lyrical ability landed him oppurtunties to acquire guest appearances from Keith Murray, Kool G Rap, Freeway, Sadat X, Rock of Heltah Skeltah, Planet Asia, Wordsworth, Phil da Agony and a couple tracks produced by J Rawls.  Supa Emcee recently started his own radio station .... Listen to music 24/7 with no commercials while you surf the net.  Hip Hop lives and Supa Emcee is proof.

No. Song Album Listen Price Explicit Lyrics img
1 Muscle Tone.mp3
Aint Nathan Changed .mp4 player .99 Yes
2 Erotic Asphyxiation.mp3
Aint Nathan Changed .mp4 player .99 Yes
3 On The Rise feat Aydotoh.mp3
Aint Nathan Changed .mp4 player .99 Yes
4 Redemption Song.mp3
Aint Nathan Changed .mp4 player .99 Yes
5 Never Subtle.mp3
Aint Nathan Changed .mp4 player .99 Yes
6 That Slick Shit feat Hominium(vocals).mp3
Aint Nathan Changed .mp4 player .99 Yes
7 So Real feat Kool G Rap.mp3
Aint Nathan Changed .mp4 player .99 Yes
8 Not Around feat Hominium.mp3
Aint Nathan Changed .mp4 player .99 Yes
9 So Empty feat Rose Montana(vocals).mp3
Aint Nathan Changed .mp4 player .99 Yes
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Supa Emcee
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(614) 808-5577
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