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Vell Rob
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Old School Hip Hop,Run DMC,L.L. Cool J.,Ice Cube,Cool G. Rap
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From the home of 'Howard Hewitt,' 'James Ingram,' and 'Lebron James' comes Vell Rob. The Ohio native came from a place where poverty was just another part of growing up in tha hood. Attaining a passion for music at home and in the streets, he found his niche in a genre of music called rap which incited him to pursue it professionally in the early 1980's. Vell Rob wrote his first rap song at the tender age of (9) nine, while waking up in the middle of the night loathing the fact that school was in the morning. Recording his first demo in 1992 entitled 'Positive Not Negative', he gained radio play from a local college station, 88.1 F.M. WZIP.

Having rubbed shoulders with well-known music industry professionals such as, Jermaine Dupree, Michael Maldin (Jermaine's father), Ice-Cube, Scar Face, EPMD, Guru of Gangstarr and a host of others while at different venues, Vell has obtained experience and knowledge he couldn't have received anywhere else and realized the music business involves much hard work and dedication.

His stage performance is explosive and full of improv. He has performed at places such as, The Rhythm Room (Cleveland, OH), The Cleveland Black Expo (Cleveland, OH), Various venues in (Akron, OH), The African Festival (Cleveland, OH), Club 727 (Cleveland, OH), The Mirage Night Club (Cleveland, OH) and also opened for Jarule of Murder Inc. (Columbus, OH).

M.C. or music lover, the man definitely has goals. One goal is to drop relevant music and leave a positive impression of rap music on those who make life changing decisions. His long-term objective is to get involved in acting.

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1 Who Doin' tha Most.mp3
Variety Pakkk .mp4 player 1.99 Share link Yes
2 Streets of A.K.mp3
Variety Pakkk .mp4 player 1.99 Share link Yes
3 So What -Variety Mix.mp3
Variety Pakkk .mp4 player 1.99 Share link Yes
4 Niggaz Don't Wanit.mp3
Variety Pakkk .mp4 player 1.99 Share link No
5 Judge Not.mp3
Variety Pakkk .mp4 player 1.99 Share link No
6 Can't Be Seen.mp3
Variety Pakkk .mp4 player 1.99 Share link Yes
7 (R.I.P.) Rest in Peace.mp3
Variety Pakkk .mp4 player 1.99 Share link Yes
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