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New York based Rap Artist SlimChance Duets Album
“Faith Of A Hustler”
New York based rap artist SlimChance is excited to announce the  2010 release of his new album, "Faith Of A Hustler." With seven years of recording and performing experience under his belt and a good dose of talent backed by passion and drive, SlimChance promises to deliver nothing less than an experience in rhythm and rhyme to his fans.
Kevin L. Taylor, a.k.a. SlimChance was born in Queens, New York in an area known as Jamaica Queens! He became a fan of rap early on and started his rocketing career with inspiration from rap heroes like Biz Markie; he loved singing Markie's hit "Just a Friend." Taylor developed the obsession it takes for an artist to turn a dream into reality and began writing songs at the tender age of twelve. As he matured both as man and artist he began focusing on writing universal songs relatable to everyone and started recording them on a Radio Shack microphone and hand held recorder, earning respect for his energy and hustle. As he took baby steps towards his dream, some said it would remain just that; a dream where he had a slim chance of breaking into the world of hip-hop and rap. In a defiant gesture symbolic of who he is as a person and artist, Taylor decided to call himself SlimChance.
As professionals do, Taylor then turned his attention away from any negativity and focused on mastering his craft. With his eyes constantly on the prize, he created low budget mixes, his own record label, "Reellyfe Entertainment," and built a local buzz that has grown into his present fan base of roughly 40,000+. SlimChance currently boasts airplay online as well as FM radio stations In Atlanta & Los Angeles. While proactively working towards bigger and better performance goals, he hones his skills and builds his fan base at local at open mics. He's caught the eye of the press and was recently interviewed for the March 31, 2010 release of Rap Solution Magazine, HipHop kings, And nationwide press after the release of his donated charity album P.O.C II which allowed him to donate thousands of dollars to kids in need. His 2nd release, "Diary of An Unknown Hustler" has been downloaded 23,000 times and the number continues to climb. Slimchance has since then released numerous albums that has gained him thousands of loyal fans in the us as well as over sea’s which bought together the collaboration with Pakistan’s R&B/Hip Hop artist Max Rasool. Together the duo recorded the 10,000 download track “she” which is featured on Slimchance’s new album F.O.H.
Next up for SlimChance is the Autobiography that has just been released “Diary Of An Unknown Hustler” The Book.  6/26/2010 available @


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1 01 F.O.H. INTRO.mp3
FAITH OF A HUSTLER .mp4 player .99 Share link Yes
2 02 ALONE.mp3
FAITH OF A HUSTLER .mp4 player .99 Share link Yes
FAITH OF A HUSTLER .mp4 player .99 Share link Yes
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