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Unisigned art is a UNITED FRONT COMPANY http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oryn_the_Rebel The United Front Company is a collection of creatives, musical and non-musical alike, and independently owned companies coming together to form a larger platform - The Artist Jumpoff. Together members of the UFC help one another to promote and earn revenue through their art by pooling their talent, skills, fans and knowledge. The common philosophy at the UFC is no contracts as the focus remains on the artistic aspect rather than the business one. [edit]References ^ http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_xPEUzl6fA3w/SB2ZUTCQ_kI/AAAAAAAAAFA/YmU91UcTp-M/s1600-h/newspapersm.jpg ^ http://www.thenoise-boston.com/content/view/329/10/ ^ http://www.hiphoppress.com/2011/04/legendary-grandmaster-caz-debuts-mix-tape-to-assist-indies.html [edit]External links ReverbNation.com ArtistJumpOff.com


If you believe (Oryn Dani Brazee) by o-ry-n the rebel

set me free by ADONNIS AND ORYN THE REBEL by o-ry-n the rebel

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1. keep on frontin (1).mp3 live music mix tape 0.99 yes

2. the other side by o-ry-n the rebel featuring dani dragon the rebels advocate.mp3 live music mix tape 0.99 yes

3. tobeme by dani dragon and oryntherebelthe rebels advocate.mp3 live music mix tape 0.99 yes

4. UNITED FRONT (LIVE BAND)-SANDY AGO BY O-RY-N AND DANI.mp3 live music mix tape 0.99 yes

5. UNITED FRONT (LIVE BAND)-when im down (1).mp3 live music mix tape 0.99 yes

6. Alien_Commonwealth_prequel_feat_Dani.mp3 live music mix tape 0.99 yes

7. artistjumpoff-the shoe song.mp3 live music mix tape 0.99 yes

8. 04 LANDLORD CHECK.mp3 live music mix tape 0.99 yes

9. why im crazy.mp3 spells of a REBELLION 0.99 yes

10. oryn time on hand.mp3 spells of a REBELLION 0.99 yes

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Tuesday, October 4 , 2011
UNSIGNEDART NEWS! HTTP://ARTISTJUMPOFF.COM SET ME FREEEE http://soundcloud.com/oryn/set-me-free-by-adonnis-and SET ME FREE! ADONNIS http://soundcloud.com/oryn/set-me-free-by-adonnis-and ORYN THE REBEL AND ADONNIS http://soundcloud.com/oryn/set-me-free-by-adonnis-and MADEIT2MAKEIT.COM CLICK ON THAT! fall in or fall off! black planet http://music.blackplanet.com/ARTISTJUMPOFF/ so many memories check out the memo lane http://memolane.com/oryn what do you beleeve in?! http://soundcloud.com/oryn/if-you-believe-oryn-dani