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Hip Hop Pioneer, Spyder D Announces His First Mixtape Ever

Spyder D, (whose birth name is Sidney Duane Hughes), began his career in earnest in 1979 after being inspired by hearing legendary radio DJ Frankie Crocker on WBLS-FM in NY play a yet unsigned bands debut single. That band was Vaughan Mason & Crew and the song was “Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll”. “Spyder” immediately decided he was going to meet this band and see if they could be assistance in jump starting his music career.

Though it took some time and planning, Spyder did indeed make contact with Vaughan Mason with the help DJ Reggie Swindell and Lon Deleon, a talk show host on the West Side Manhattan set a cable talk show in January 1980.

After two years honing his production skills under Vaughan Mason’s tutelage, Spyder, Vaughan and Vaughan Mason & Crew drummer/vocalist Butch Dayo went into New Jersey recording studio EARS to re-record Spyder’s original demo.

After a much heated debate from the night before, the trio song writers decided they would create a new song about the popular dance craze called the Smurf.

“Smerphie’s Dance was released at the beginning 1983, and would begin a string Billboard charting singles from Spyder as either artist, producer, or, as both artist and producer.

As Vaughan Mason took Spyder on as his protege, Spyder continued that cycle by taking other artists under his wing, including Sparky D & The Playgirls, Roxanne Shante, DJ Divine, Radio Personality Mr. Magic, Master Gee the Sugar Hill Gang and Spyder’s brother Spyder C just to name a few.

During this period time between 1983 and 1988, Spyder signed to the management company Rush Productions, operated by Hip Hop Mogul Russell Simmons.

In January 1986, Spyder became the host and co-producer sports first post game rap concert, the brainchild Atlanta Hawks PUblic Relations’ Frank Timmerman. Spyder enlisted the talent future superstars LL Cool J and Salt & Pepa, protégés Sparky D/DJ Red Alert and Prile Records label mates Jekyl & Hyde.

Spyder expanded his skill set during this 5 year span by becoming a manager at Hip Hops “Home Of The Hits” Power Play Recording studios after being introduced to owner Tony Arfi by his former school mate Davy D, who was King Rap Kurtis Blow’s DJ at the time.

Learning from various hit makers such as DJ Marley Marl, Arthur Baker, Jellybean Bean Benitez, Patrick Adams, Russell Simmons, the Aleem Twins, Malcolm McClaren, and super producer Larry Smith, Spyder became as versatile an artist as their is in the industry as he also became a studio engineer and competent musician/programmer as well.

Spyder has received BMI awards, Gold records and other honors during a career that now spans 36 years and counting.

As an entrepreneur he has co-owned two basketball franchises in Charlotte and Atlanta with fellow Hip Hop Legends Glenn “Sweety G” Toby and Freedom Williams.

He has also become an author, writing the book “I Hate Being Black”, based on the lyrics one his new songs from a double album anthology entitled Spyder D’s Greatest Skits Volumes 1 & 2.

The new expanded edition the book is due early 2016 and has been picked up by NY independent Publishing House Morgan James.

Spyder has resurrected Newtroit Records, the record label he created in 1979 and has teamed up with Rainy Songs Entertainment for worldwide digital distribution.

Spyder credits Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame artist/producer Chuck D Public Enemy with keeping his creativity engaged when Chuck D encouraged him to keep creating and writing. Chuck D then performed with David Ruffin Jr., son Motown’s famed Temptations lead singer on Spyder D’s In Case You Didn’t Know, distributed by Chuck D’s Spit Digital Distribution.

Spyder D has already begun work on an all R&B album, in which he plans to announce the retirement his rap career and begin anew as the solo soul artist “Unsung”. He is finishing up his first solo mixtape album titled “Only I” which will be released on his Newtroit Records label.

Mark Skillz has penned Spyder D’s autobiography entitled “So You Wanna Be A Rapper (The Trials & Tribulations Spyder D), available as an ebook at digital stores such as Amazon, Google and iTunes worldwide.

Only I, lead single from mixtape:


I Hate Being Black the DJ K Wiz Remix on the new mixtape:

Check out ‘I Hate Being Black DJ K Wiz Remix’ by Spyder Dhttp://www.reverbnation.com/open_graph/video/14696388

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Check Out ”I Hate Being Black” by Spyder D:

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