"I think it's unfortunate that we have MCs that have never heard 'Follow the Leader' by Rakim. I think if you never heard 'Follow the Leader' by Rakim and you're a rapper, you're dead wrong. I don't even know what their inspiration is to write if you never heard 'Follow the Leader' or 'Set It Off' by Big Daddy Kane or 'Road to Riches' by Kool G Rap or 'You Must Learn' by KRS-One. That's why I think rap is on a serious decline. - Nas is a Digital Music Distribution (DMD) website/community built and Powered By You! Our goal is to deliver you a musical experience that goes beyond the typical airplay you might experience through mainstream radio or video channels. Our mission is to expose you to the works of those that have paved the way, as well as those that are creating the future of the art. Hip-Hop was never about formulas, it was a genre built on creativity. This site will push those to stay creative and allow the fan to choose what is true Hip-Hop.

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  • Artist - How Many Shots feat. Cainibus, King Magnetic, Hayz
    Track: How Many Shots
  • Artist - DJ Premier ft. A$AP Ferg
    Track: Our Streets
  • Artist - Fabolous & Jadakiss f. Future
    Track: Stand Up
  • Artist - MAsta Killa ft. Boy Backs & Moe Roc
    Track: OGs Told Me
  • Artist - Dr. Dre
    Track: Gunfiyah
  • Artist - Wu-Tang
    Track: People Say