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Anthony Herring was born in Sanford , Florida at the Sanford Memorial Hospital. In this town of birth is where most of his childhood took place with only his mother, grandmother, and two brothers. At the age of thirteen he then moved to Orlando, Florida where he started showing interest in hip-hop. It was in middle school where he realized that he had a true talent in the art of music by free styling and writing. As he proceeded on to high school he became part of group known only as “GSB” a.k.a. Ghetto Style Boys. As the group started to grow, so also did Anthony and his talents in the music industry. Thru the years “GSB” realized that they needed something new and fresh to offer their fans and viewers alike. It was at this point that they decided to change the name of their group from “GSB” to “South Hood.” It was also this point in time that Anthony’s creative mind took off. His talent took him and “South Hood” to a place further beyond his imagination. It was here that the group started getting recognized and began to perform live shows, producing albums, music videos, and creating websites related to their group. Throughout the days and months of creating music, Anthony realized he needed something for people to know him as. His creative mind made him come up with name known only as “Tragedy.” Anthony thought he had it all, but something was missing. In this point in time he let his mind go off the map and started getting more recognition by performing out of town shows in places like Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, and ST. Petersburg. But there was still something missing. Anthony A.K.A. “Tragedy” realized that he would have to move on by himself as a solo artist to reach his goals and dreams. When Anthony decided to work on his own he also realized it was also time to change his artist’s name. Anthony had then turned to his two brothers for inspiration and it was from them the name “2G” came about. The name “2G” also indicates his style of writing which is “too gangsta”. He worked endlessly to get recognition, and when he thought all hope was lost, his dreams became a reality.

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