Alex Mac
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Alex Mac
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Hip-Hop Inspirations :
Andre 3000,2 Pac,A Tribe Called Quest,Bob Marley & The Wailers,Biggie
Favorite Artists :
Billy Corgan ,John lennon,Max Beamus,Tom Yorke,Lup
Top 3 Hip-Hop Songs of All-Time :
"Do For Love" 2pac,"Oh my God" A Tribe Called,"Not My Job" Mac Dre


South Central native Alex Mac is ready to revitalize hip-hop, and If you ask me its been a long time coming.   

His biggest influences include Biggie, 2pac shakur, Bob Marley, Eminem, and Billy Corgan of "the smashing pumpkins". 
He got his official start with a local band called "cupid's bullet". A passion for perfection along with his diverse musical taste made sure he fit right in, things were on the rise! 
Mac's unreleased conceptual album entitled "dear hip hop" got him critical acclaim from geffen universal, and talks of distribution from kotch. 
Surrounded by the most talented artists of the new los angeles music movement i.e "the rythm renaissance". 
Alex Mac's upcoming album "x x x alex mac is... Wilson Fisk The Kalifornia Kingpin" is hyped up to be the west coasts "so far gone" keep your ears to the streets for this one. 
When asked to comment on how he plans on changing the game, he is quoted saying. "not to sound too cliche but Im bringing something different to industry. Lyrical content drenched in a wicked new school flow with an old school feel.

Be on the look out for him, he'll be the light brown guy with that fat boy flow.
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Alex Mac
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