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B.U.C. formally known as ILL AL SKRATCH


B.U.C. have their own label, IAS Entertainment Group, LLC. and they have compiled a diverse array of bangerz ready to drop on eager fans! Be warned, the new music is pure FIRE and just scratches the surface of what IAS is about to drop.

When anyone asks the question, "Where My Homiez?" The first name that comes to mind is ILL AL SKRATCH. Well regarded in the world of Hip-Hop, ILL AL SKRATCH is a group that possesses a skill set that makes their hits timeless. They are back on the scene dropping FIRE!

One hit that is currently heating up the streets that got leaked is "An U Say NYC". It delivers a solid hit from the Brooklyn Uptown Connection that continues their history of delivering Bangerz. The Chemistry that Big Ill and Al Skratch create when they rhyme together continues to be tight as ever as their new songs demonstrate.

Big Ill or Big Ill The Mack (I Lyrical Lord) hails from Hip-Hop stronghold, Brooklyn NYC and has music roots that originate at the early days of the rap genre. Big Ill was Featured in Source Magazines Unsigned Hype further adding to his growing street buzz.

Al Skratch who represents Uptown NYC was a street artist who quickly rose though the ranks with a slew of mixtape hits but is best known for his Classic hit "Boom This In Your Vehicle".

Both Ill and Al had already proved street success when in the early 1990s legendary producer LG paired the two together for a song called " Creep Wit Me" Which immediately showed how their differing rhyme styles complemented each other. Once they combined their immense talents and became a group, the rest, as they say, is history!

The two lyrical technicians rose to the top of the charts with rugged but smooth hits like "Where My Homiez", "Ill Take Her" (feat. Brian McKnight), and "Chill Wit That" (Rmx) from their debut "Creep Wit Me" which was released in 1994. While the streets and urban radio embraced the album, the group didn rest on their laurels. They followed up the successful album with a string of soundtrack appearances and remixes that built on the reputation that they had established for themselves. The most notable tracks during this time were "The Points" (PANTHER sndtrk), "Don Shut Down On A Player" (NEW JERSEY DRIVE sndtrk), "Where Ya At" (EDDY sndtrk), and the remix to the MICHAEL JACKSON hit "They Don Care About Us". These songs with production from LG Experience kept their names in the minds AND ears of the listeners, setting up their second album "Keep It Movin " which was released in 1997. The album "Keep It Movin " had a more gritty edge to it that was a precursor to the change that was about to take place in Hip Hop. , it contained the street/party classic "Me & The Click" feat. Greg Nice.

Producers from all over the world have been sending creative and unique tracks for Ill & Al to drop their talented lyrics onto. Thier style can be described as diverse from Smooth to Hip to Radio to R&B to Hardcore to Gritty to Street. Big Ill rhymes with a swift skill, attack style. Al Skratch is more of a smooth melodic flow style. The combination of the two creates a unique style that listeners love. The results are critically acclaimed masterpieces for all fans of Rap & Hip-Hop, younger fans and old skool cats alike.

So when the question is raised, "Where My Homiez?" let it be known; We over here Gee!!!

Get ready, B.U.C is here Gee!!!!

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