Bedlam Brethren
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Bedlam Brethren,Cheating Death,Spearman,Udi the Erratic Assassin
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Nas,Mos Def,Rza,Big Pun,Kool G Rap
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Wu-Tang Clan,Killarmy,The Beatnuts,Gang Starr,Outk
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"The Message" Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five,"T.R.O.Y. (They Reminisce Over You)" Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth,"Fight the Power" Public Enemy

Bedlam Brethren. The Brotherhood of the Misunderstood. The Brethren is a synthesis of opposing forces: chaos (bedlam) and order (brethren). This trio consisting of two emcees and one producer forged their distinct sound in the depths of poetic darkness.

Harlem, NYC’s own Udi the Erratic Assassin (after a string of underground iTunes hits with artists such as Timbo King, Holocaust, and Bronze Nazareth as well as an appearance on Terminal 3 presents The Academy) teamed up with Indiana native and extensive stage performer Cheating Death (known for his appearances as Merc Versus on Kevlaar 7‘s Unbutton Your Holsters & Who Got the Camera? and Chief Kamachi‘s Rise and Rhyme Vol. 1) who in turn brought in New Zealand Lost Children of Babylon affiliate and 1 Outs Street Battles founder Spearman to grace the boards. Their combined sound could be described as The Roots meets Cypress Hill…dark, live microphone artistry.

After a successful debut mixtape and EP the Brethren have dropped their first full-length release, entitled Black Feather Messengers. This project, presented by 116 Productions & Invisible Inc Multimedia, features special guests C-Rayz Walz, Kevlaar 7 of Wisemen, Thirstin Howl the 3rd, Chief Kamachi, and more…


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Bedlam Brethren
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