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Staten Islands latest export reared on heavy doses of Wu, Nas & Notorius has every intention on delivering us back to what the essence of Real Hip-Hop is all about.

“My music isn’t like what you hear on the radio today,” says the young rapper, who hails from Staten Island, New York. “There’s no Autotune. It’s not down south music. It’s real east coast rap. It’s got the rawness that the game’s been missing.”

Ceazar’s style is best described as underground punchline rap. He weaves real-life stories with authentic lyrics and a solid delivery that is reminiscent of the golden era of rap. In an era of copycat hip hop, Ceazar takes a stand to deliver a pure message with a punch.

\If Ceazar is an advocate of a grittier period in rap, it has less to do with his distaste for the current crop of MCs burning up the charts than it does his upbringing. Raised in a working class family (his father works for New York’s MTA and his mother works at a college), the only silver spoons he ever put in his mouth were the ones his parents grinded for day in and day out. Ceazar’s music is a reflection of his daily struggle to inch one step closer to the American Dream.

Ceazar has been co-signed the Raekwon as a dude to watch out for. Ceazar has been on tour with the Wu and has been signed to Raekwons Ice Water Inc.While Ceazar’s grateful for Rae’s mentoring and advice, he’s not looking to fall in line like just another soldier. He’s well on his way to establishing himself as his own unique voice in hip-hop.

To learn more about this talent visit his website http://thisisceazar.com

Follow him on Twitter @ThisIsCeazar

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ceazariceh2o


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2 Invincible_Feat._JoJo_Pellegrino.mp3
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3 Next_To_Me_Feat._Reina.mp3
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4 One_Day_Feat._YG.mp3
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5 PAPITO_Feat._JD_Era__Reason.mp3
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6 The_Brewery_Feat._Raekwon__Reason.mp3
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