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Born to sing, I say, and that is why she loves it so much, and felt compelled to start at an early age.  Her sound is fresh and her tones are soft, sweet, sensuous but quite sophisticated.  She has an exciting texture that makes listening a pleasure.

A native of Grenada (nicknamed “The Isle of Spice”), Cheryl initiated it all when at the tender age of eleven, she joined a church choir.  Shortly after, she made a very significant move in her early career when she joined “The Spice Island Youth Quake” as a soprano.  This was a Grenadian cultural and confidence building experience lasted until she was about sixteen years old.  During this experience, however, it is important to detail that “The Spice Island Youth Quake” became very impressive and was given the opportunity of touring England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, and the U.S.A.  After this tour, but still at age sixteen, Cheryl departed from Grenada and took up residence in the U.S.

In the USA, she attended Erasmas Hall High School, completing her junior and senior years there.  During this period she was singing soprano as part of a gospel choir.  She sang background and lead, leading the choir about twenty percent (20%) of the time, while stepping out occasionally to do a solo act.  Subsequently, she joined the Holy Cross Catholic Church Choir and functioned as one of its lead singers until that time when she graduated from High School.

While attending college she was reunited with a past member of “The Spice Island Youth Quake”.  This reunion helped to broaden and hone a comprehensive approach to singing and entertainment as a whole.  Her approach at this point combined Gospel with Folk and R&B, while she embellished her entertainment skills by taking dance classes as well.  During these college years, an evolution, or you might say a maturation took place.  Her voice skills became polished and refined to a degree that boosted her confidence and helped her to step up and out and be competitive at a very high level.  This confidence was rewarded and congratulated when she was asked and did sing, Wind Beneath My Wings”, at her college graduation amid a standing ovation that was sprinkled with teardrops.  Cheryl is a graduate of the Hunter Bellevue School of Nursing with a B.S.N. degree and currently works at Downstate Hospital.

In 1995, she was a special guest on a show headlined by the Mighty Sparrow in South Florida.

In 1996, she won the People’s Choice Award when she took part in the “Grenada Independence Calypso” competition.

In 1998, Cheryl became the lead female vocalist of “IN SYNC” (a Brooklyn based band) singing mostly R&B songs.

In 1999, she was introduced to the C.E.O. of Impact 9 Records.  He was very impressed and signed her to do her initial R&B CD, which is near completion after about a year of hard, creative and excellent work.

Cheryl has a strong gospel foundation and without a doubt is an excellent lead vocalist, who is a quick study, effectively does her own background work and is a pleasure to work with.  Her favorites are Whitney, Diana, Regina, Stephanie and Anita.  Her future will be very exciting, I do believe.  Cheryl is hoping to make a contribution by showing her depth, versatility, and her brand of magic.  She is hoping that her performance will award or reward her with opportunities that manifest deserved recognition.

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5 05_Feel_Free.mp3
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6 06_I_Am.mp3
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7 07_I_Cry.mp3
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