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Crash Crew,DJ Daryll C,G. Man,La Shubee,Barry Bistro,Ek Mike C. ,Reggie Reg
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Crash Crew
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The Crash Crew was an early hip-hop/electro group who recorded for Sugar Hill Records. The group, based in New York City, consisted of members DJ Daryll C. (who died in 1999 due to diabetes), G. Man, La Shubee, Barry Bistro, Ek Mike C., and Reggie Reg.  In 1980, they recorded their first single under the moniker "Force of the 5". The single, "High Powered Rap", was released on Mike & Dave Records. That same year, the group signed to Sugar Hill Records and released several classic electro singles like "We Wanna Rock", "Breaking Bells", and "On the Radio".

In the summer of 1977, hip hop was just starting to take off throughout the urban communities of New York City. Beginning in the Bronx and moving swiftly through Harlem, the Crash Crew was one of the first groups from that area to put their legacy on hip hop. Beginning as party promoters, along with Mike & Dave Productions, the Crash Crew held events at the local Police Athletic League (PAL) and various neighborhood venues. These hip hop legends pressed, promoted and sold their first single, High Powered Rap” from the back of a car trunk. “High Powered Rap” put the Crash Crew on the charts. This smashing single also got the attention of Sugarhill Records, who at the time was the only major recording label for hip hop.

The Crash Crew signed to Sugarhill Records in 1981 and released “We Want to Rock.” And, even after signing with Sugarhill Records, the Crash Crew stayed true to Harlem and Uptown. They continued to promote parties throughout the five boroughs at venues like Broadway International, The Original Harlem World and Harlem’s own Celebrity Club while booking acts with The Treacherous 3, The Cold Crush Brothers, Kool DJ AJ, and the Fearless Four. DJ Afrika Bambaata welcomed the Crash Crew with open arms to perform alongside the Zulu Nation at the T-Connection, the Ecstasy Garage and the Disco Fever.

In 1982, another Crash Crew hit “Breaking Bells” was released. Touring with the Sugarhill Gang along with Grand Master Flash & the Furious 5, in 1983, the Crash Crew released “On the Radio.”

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