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T.I. ,Def Jam
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T.I. ,Def Jam
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Tupac- Dear Mama

Artist D.G was born in Scranton Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. At the age of 8 he and his family relocated to Ocala, FL. With a way with words D.G was destined to do something with lyricism. At 17, he met Rapper/Producer Odes' in which was given a chance to record his first song. It was all downhill from there. D.G then was in contact with plenty of local producers willing to let him shine in the studio.  At age 19, he met S.G from M.A.D.E. Ent. and things have hit the fan ever since. Now 22, with a style that noone has touched upon to this day, D.G opened Savage Squad Entertainment. His debut mixtape R.A.W. is in the works and is something everyone should be looking forward to. The sky is the limit, and he certainly will not stop till he's known around the world!

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2 DG_Fire_Flame_Spitta
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4 Moment_4_life_33
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5 Victory_Lap
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