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Doc Ice

*Click here to view Doc's new smash video, 'The Comeback'!

Doctor Ice aka 'Doc Ice', former member of UTFO and a part of Whodini, was known as the Debonair Doctor.  UTFO's biggest hit was Roxanne, Roxanne, which spawned at least 20 answer records and a number of other careeers based upon their track. The group recorded 4 albums together, charting some number-one singles, as well as the number-2 album in the country, under Michael Jackson on the Billboard charts. He is also the younger brother of Jalil of the legendary Hip-Hop group Whodini. Doc got his start before UTFO, as a dancer for Whodini, along with the Kangol Kid, and can be seen in many of their videos and performances.

Doctor Ice also influenced Hip-Hop dancing with a new form. His influence can be noted by the dance moves in videos done by artists such as Kid N Play, Scrap Lover and Scoop Lover (dancers for Big Daddy Kane) and G-Wiz, and the late Trouble T-Roy (from Heavy D & The Boyz). The commercial world fashioned their dance moves after Michael Jackson, but the black community embraced Doc Ice because his dancing was reflective of the type of acrobatic dance moves done at a house/block party or in smaller nightclubs.

He left UTFO in the late 80's before the group's breakup in 1991, to start a solo career. His first album, The Mic Stalker in 1989, produced by R&B group Full Force, had the singles "Word To The Wise", "Love Jones" and "Sue Me". Ice also collaborated with Dino (singer), for his 1990 song "Romeo" (charting at #6) on the album Swingin. His second album, Rely On Self appeared in 1994. In 2007, Doc with Whodini were crowned VH1 Hip-Hop Honorees (dubbed the Hip Hop Hall of Fame).

In 2009, Doc Ice earned 2 spots in the VH1 100 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs of All Time. He had one spot with UTFO, and another with Whodini. Also in 2009, Doc Ice appeared on several albums that came out all under the same label(Premier). Doc was on North Bay famed group At All Costs' album 20/20 Vision, and the Rappin' 4-Tay Presents At All Costs "Delusions of Grandeur" mixtape. Later on that year, Doc re-released a remastered version of "Rely On Selph" which included the bonus track "They Got Me", which introduced his new DJ (DJ Cazz). Then just before the year ended, Doctor Ice appeared on Skee-Lo's OVERDOSE EP. Ice was featured on the songs "OVERDOSE" with DJ Cazz, and "How Did I Know" with Paul "SEQUENCE" Ferguson & REDStar.

In January 2010, pictures floated around the Internet, that showed Doctor Ice in New York hanging out with Chubby Checker and the lead singer from the 90's Rock Group "HiFi", at a press conference for Social Security. In 2010, Doc Ice was featured on Shan Egan's "Purple People", which was released by TEEC/Sony RED. Later on that year, his next single "Ghetto Baby" was released under Generic Records.

Now the Debonair Doctor has come out with the smash 'The Comeback' from his new album "The Doctor Will See You Now"! Check out the video below!

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