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Doodlebug,Digable Planets,Cosmic Funk Orchestra,7 and a Cresent
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Eric B and Rakim,Native Tongues,Run-DMC,Stetsasonic
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WuTang,Mos Def,Ludacris,Immortal Tech,Styles P
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Eric B for President,Childrens Story,Incarcerated Scarfaces


Click here to check out his new hit video "Fight For Ya Right"

When the Grammy Award winning Hip-Hop trio Digable Planets emerged in the early 90s, their memorable moniker raised eyebrows. What exactly did it mean? The name sprang they explained, from the notion that every individual is a planet. But the unique worlds that their tracks mapped out were not insular ones; as their Grammy-winning hit Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat)" would prove, the Planets were primed to connect with audiences weary of the aggressive posturing of gangsta rap.

Filled with literate lyrics, honey-smooth flow, and inventive arrangements, their albums Reachin' (A New Refutation Of Time And Space) (1993) and Blowout Comb (1994) redefined Hip-Hop, and set standards for the generation of soul poets and innovative producers that followed, as the anthology Beyond The Spectrum: The Creamy Spy Chronicles (2005) effortlessly reiterates.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Doodlebug started out as a DJ, from scratching on his mother's records while she wasn't home to rocking parties.  Among the greats that he studied were Grand Wizard Rasheen, Kool Herc, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Cash Money and others.  Cee Knowledge also used to be a graffiti writer and ran with crews like TC5 from New York and ICY of Philly. 

Emceeing came along in his senior year of high school and he began taking it seriously when he attended Howard University.  While at Howard, he joined a crew from Philly and they were called the O.S.A.G.E. crew that was led by DJ Trouble Trev.  Since then, preserving the Hip-Hop culture has been at the forefront in his endevours in Hip-Hop and is the very thing that keeps him going.  

Doodlebug is heavily active today producing music, music videos, indie films and is still making good Hip-Hop music!

Case in point, check out his new video '"Fight For Ya Right" An Occupy Wall Street Rap Video!

Doodlebug also has been leading the Philadelphia live Hip-Hop ensemble Cosmic Funk Orchestra since 2000 and is actively the CEO of the successful multimedia company 7 and a Cresent.

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1 LFT7D_031511_Mix
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2 lost_treasure
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3 SHINEfinal_mix
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