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 Grandmaster Caz - Hip Hop Icon

Born Curtis Brown, in the Boogie Down Bronx NYC, in 1960, Caz is a former B-Boy and Graf writer who graduated to the ranks of the DJ Elite in 1974 under the name Casanova Fly with partner, Disco Wiz. After witnessing a Kool Herc Indoor Jam. Caz formed the Mighty Force after Wiz's departure featuring Whipper Whip & DotaRock, the original Salt & Pepper MCs. Caz shortened his name to Caz and adopted the title, Grand Master, after a lightening fast turntable exhibition at a Bronx Hip Hop spot. Caz later regrouped to form the Mighty Force Five after after Whip & Dot's departure then soon began to perform solo and as the Notorious Two with J.D.L. and joined the Cold Crush Brothers in 1979, after penning Big Bank Hank's lyrics for "Rappers Delight" (inadvertently making Caz Hip Hop's first ghostwriter). As Captain and head writer for the Cold Crush Brothers, Caz's innovative rhyme style and routine writing propelled the Brothers to legendary Hip Hop status as one of the most dynamic and imitated groups in Hip Hop history. After their first single on the elite label titled weekend the Cold Crush recorded three singles on the Tuff City label including the hit, "Fresh, Wild, Fly & Bold." Caz enjoyed a solo career after the groups contract was up with Tuff City records going on to record many singles and an album titled "The Grandest of Them All" on the Tuff City label and in 1986 won The New Music Seminar's MC Battle for World Supremacy. Caz's love and passion for Hip Hop continued throughout the 90s, first as DJ and host at LA's hottest club, United Nations and as council member of West Coast Zulu Nations BX contingency. While in LA, Caz did a remake of his famous "Yvette" rhyme for Malcolm McLarens New World Famous Supreme Team album and toured with Ice-T and his Rhyme Syndicate. Caz also performed at the Rapmania Pay per View special in 1991. Caz is no stranger to media either, he has appeared and performed in the first Hip Hop movie, "Wildstyle" as well as a being featured in the Hip Hop documentaries "Rhyme & Reason", "The Freshest Kids", "Beef", MTV's Back in the Day", VH1's "Hip Hop Babylon"and the new Just for Kicks sneaker documentary. From Midday Live with Bill Bogg's to Rap City with Big Tigger. Caz has been in front of a camera more than a lens cap and there seems to be no letting up. Award and accolades rain from high peers to industry types. Caz has been voted 11th of the 50 Greatest MCs in Blaze Magazine, 10th on Ego Trip's Greatest MCs of all Time list and 6th by fellow rap pioneer, Kool Moe Dee in his upcoming book, "The True Greatest MCs of all time. Caz has been recognized for his contributions to Hip Hop by the DMC electing him to their DJ Hall of Fame and the Zulu Nation also inducted Caz and his Cold Crush Brothers into the Zulu Nation Hall of Fame as well as proclamations from the Brooklyn Council Woman Yvette D. Clark's office, the Bronx Walk of Fame by the Bronx Borough President Adopho Carrion and the City of NY.

Present day the GrandMaster continues to represent Hip Hop to the fullest having recently appeared on VH1 with Ice T's Rap School and Ego Trip's White Rappers Show and performed alongside KRS One and Chiefrocker Busy Bee at VH1's 2007 Hip-Hop Honors.  Caz was also featured prominently throughout the 2008 showing of VH1's Top 100 Hip-Hop Songs in which the Cold Crush Brothers had the 77th song, 'Live at the Dixie'. Caz was also nominated for a 2007 New York Emmy Award for his appearance in a 2006 Cool in your Code episode.

Caz is still performing his DJ as well as his MC skills to the masses, currently wearing many hats serving as lead narrator on HusH's Hip Hop sight seeing bus tours in NYC and co-founder and director of entertainment relations for Sedgwick and Cedar Corp. He continues to record and write for current Hip Hop artist's and teaches beginners DJ Classes at Jam Master Jay's Scratch Academy in NYC and is also a frequent panelist at many Hip Hop Seminars and Colleges.

The legend continues...

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1 Back_to_the_Scene_of_the_Rhyme.mp3
No Album. .mp4 player .99 Share link Yes
2 Make_some_Noise.mp3
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3 Move_the_Crowd.mp3
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4 Not_Tonight.mp3
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5 Slide.mp3
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6 A_Good_Man_is_Gone.mp3
No Album. .mp4 player .99 Share link No
7 BX._Runs_NYC.mp3
No Album. .mp4 player .99 Share link Yes
8 Come_Test_Me.mp3
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9 Boss_of_Da_Bosses.mp3
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10 Four_Bar_Funk.mp3
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11 Grandmaster_Theme.mp3
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12 Hate_The_Game.mp3
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13 M.C.s_Delight.mp3
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