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Through a violent upbringing and struggles with the law as a young adult, G-Money (General Money) stands out among the crowd of aspiring hip hop artists with the promise of becoming the next to stand and rise above the rest as many greats before him have. As an adolescent, G-Money started coping with his tumultuous life by pouring his emotions out on paper. Everything from anger and sadness to ecstasy and enlightenment formed journal after journal with the poetry. This poetry would one day inspire the lyrics that have made him the underground hip hop success that he is today. His poetry served as his therapy, his companion, and at times the very thing that kept him sane. He’s come a long way since those days, growing to be a strong and determined star on the rise. In his teen years, G-Money discovered that there was a world that would welcome his poetry with open arms. Combined with addictive beats, G-Money and his books filled with prose found their home in the world on hip hop. His start came in the streets of southern Florida. G-Money started rapping freestyle and beat-boxing on street corners and break dancing in clubs he was much too young to enter legally. After earning the respect of so many in the area, it became obvious to him that hip hop was his calling. From that point on, instead of poetry, he wrote lyrics.

Since then, G-Money has made a move from the southern coast of Florida to the northeast. Environment has completely changed but the boy that once dreamt of becoming a rap star is determined to make his dream a reality. In late 2007, he released his first studio recorded mixtape – ‘Money Call Mixtape Vol 1’. The mixtape was put in the hands of a few thousand fans by handing out copies in clubs, sending copies to fans that requested them on Myspace, and allowing fans to download the tracks for free online.

Since the mixtape dropped, G-Money’s Myspace page has been flooded with profile views, totaling over 880,000 to date, and plays, totaling over 380,000 to date. Following the success of the mixtape, G-Money felt more motivation than ever. He immediately went back into the studio to record his first studio album ‘The U.N.’ All new beats, fresh lyrics, and more drive than ever, the album has become a smash release. And this time around, G-Money is accompanied on a few tracks by the like of Mo Deezey and Will Kindler. On Febraury 6 2009, Crank Records hosted a party in honor of G-Money to officially release ‘The U.N.’ to the public. On it’s release date, it was immediately available for sale on, iTunes,,, Amazon,,,, Napster,, Rhapsody, and in local music stores. The first single off of ‘The U.N.’, ‘Get That Gwop’ was released for air play to 350+ radio stations in the United States. Already back in the studio working on his next project, G-Money is also performing regularly all across the tri-state area. With a highly successful mixtape, a brand new studio album, and many sold out shows under his belt, he is making moves with a sure promise to be a great success in his music career.

General's Blast

Crank Records is now partnered up with Team Energy for General's Blast, a low-carb sugar free energy drink mixer. General's Blast is now available through and is available at shows for free sampling

Radio Appearances
General Money has guest starred on several different radio shows.
Uncharted Waves with Etan Wishnevski
OWWR, Long Island NY
(appeared multiple times)
Magic 104FM with DJ Cooper
Conway NH.
Verbal Ejaculation with Chris and Dan
Manchester NH
(appeared multiple times)
Local Outbreak with Matt Connorton
The Planet 100.1
Lakes Region NH
General Money also has a new internet radio 
show, Chopped & Screwed.
The show starts April 3, 2011 at 10:30EST



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1 dance
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2 Mission
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3 no_more_final
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