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Gery was a performer from an early age. In first grade he talked a teacher in a neighboring classroom into letting him and his brother perform Michael Jackson’s ‘Remember the Time’. In reality, Gery just wanted to impress a girl in the class. After a performance that was more karate and cartwheels picked up from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles than anything MJ would have recognized, the boys left to a standing ovation from their classmates and a gentle scolding from the teacher. Gery’s family moved back to the Dominican Republic when he was 8 and he spent five years in the capital. In DR, Gery was neighbors with Toño Rosario and became good friends with his son and started singing and recording in their home studio. He also was good friends with Jhonny Ventura’s son, who helped managed his early career as a 13-year-old aspiring rapper. His connection to his Dominican roots and the music of the island developed during these years. The Heart of the City: By the time he was 14, Gery moved back to Harlem for high school and to pursue his musical dreams leaving behind his mother and brothers and a comfortable life in DR for the grind of New York and a small Harlem apartment with his grandmother. He at first fashioned himself a rapper, styled after his Harlem neighbor Mase and fellow New Yorker Nas. He slowly evolved from hip hop to rhythm and blues. Although Gery’s family attended the Pentecostal church on the Latino side of the neighborhood, Gery had been inspired by the black Baptist choirs he had seen on TV and decided on his own, at age 15, to start attending the Baptist church in the neighborhood. It was there that Gery started to hone his voice and develop his unique blend of African American soul and sabor Latino. Today, Gery is an artist with truly international scope – performing everything from rhythm and blues with a Harlem, hip hop edge, to urban and traditional bachatas, to original genre-bending scores that bridge the divide between the English and Spanish markets. Gery writes his own songs in both Spanish and English, from meringue to pop and has produced his own songs and songs for others from start to finish. J’Adore: Gery is an experienced performer, starting off singing on street corners as a teen and moving to talent shows and eventually moving on to nightclubs all over New York. At age 17 Gery joined the group J’Adore, which quickly gained the attention of the Barrio Boys and was signed by an independent label. Within a year, the group had a song on radio and a video on 106 and Park, “Okay”, written by Gery and Produced by Young Lord of Bad Boy. J’Adore performed on Soul Train alongside Lil John and Trillville. The group went on to open up for Omarion, Neyo, Boyz to Men, Lloyd, Chris Brown and many others as well as being featured in Right-On, Word Up and Black Beat magazines. The group disbanded in 2006 but after taking some time off, Gery has recently re-launched his solo career with full force.
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