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Gilli Conway

Gilli Conway is a Boston bred, New Englander and self proclaimed Animal Cracker, who eats hip hop for breakfast. Since early adolescence, Conway has been influenced by the culture that has created the lyrical monster he is today. His verses read like lyrical ballads of a life that wasn't so easy. Unlike many rappers of his own likeness, Gilli has "real" oozing out of his pores and he doesn't rely on the luck of the Irish to do so. His teen years were spent on the streets of Bean-town, until an inevitable conviction landed him in Beaumont, Federal Correctional Complex at the age of 19. He spent seven years paying off debts to society, but also honing an undeniable talent. Since his release, Conway has pressed forward, becoming major without label backing. He currently resides in New York City among the energy and hustle spirit he is most akin. Now, with the Aura of freedom surrounding him and the hunger of a wild lion, Gilli Conway is eating everything up the food chain; he's got next.

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