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Gin.U.Wine Clique officially established as a combination of one group adding on multiple local Knoxville, TN artists in early 1993. Two years later, the group were in talks with multiple record labels and reviewed in the October 1996 issue of Rap Sheet Magazine. The group split up in 1996 and worked on separate projects. 20 years later, with the enormous amount of positive feedback globally, Gin.U.Wine Clique got together to work on an anniversary project with its single "Final Call". This single is a follow up to its very popular track "Its Out" released 20 years ago. "Final Call" includes all of the original members, Poo Styles, Brown Deville, NeenaRoss, Rahniga Da Handla, Twigg, and Grindtime Ike. Production by Twigg and Baby Boi.
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1 Final Call
No Album. .mp4 player 0.99 Share link Yes
2 I_m_Out_(Phase_1). Gin.U.Wine Clique - I'm Out (1995).mp3
No Album. .mp4 player 0.99 Share link Yes
3 I_m_Out_(Phase_2). Gin.U.Wine Clique - I'm Out (Remix).mp3
No Album. .mp4 player 0.99 Share link Yes
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