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Christopher Hunter bka H. McCloud was born on sep 13th 1986 in Brooklyn, NY. H. McCloud grew up in a two parent household. He was raised by Dennis Ellsworth Hunter who was a glacier and all around handy man and Sylvia Lenor Hunter who worked as an administrative assistant in a hospital. H was supposed to have a twin brother but his twin died after 28wks in the womb . Because H was the twin that survived His mother always believed that he was destined for greatness and was on this earth for a reason. KBoth of H's parents are from Panama. His father from colon, a sea port in Panama and His mother Sylvia from Panama city. H grew up listening to alot of jazz , salsa and merengue, blues and soul musiq because if his father Dennis who was always singing an 'oldie but goodie' at the top of his lungs for the whole house to hear. These musical influences would eventually shape a sound like no other. However H's 1st real encounter w/ hip hop would'nt come until the end of 5th grade. In the summer of '97 H attended a summer program at his future junior high school Meyer Levin. H. McCloud was recruited to be apart of a talent show his summer program was having. H & his classmates had to learn a new rap song by Bad Boy 'ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS'. Due to his slim stature and 4 eyes H was recruited to portray Puff Daddy. H had to learn Puffy's verse and perform it in front of his peers. After being introduced to hip hop H developed a genuine interest in it. H began to listen to fellow Brooklynites B.I.G & JAY-Z becoming inspired by their witty punchlines and metaphores. In the following years of his Junior high School education H joined his school band and learned to play the Alto Saxaphone. H's musical talent was noticed by his band teacher & H was picked to audition for the julliard school of music's M.A.P program. H was accepted into the program but they didnt teach saxaphone so H had 2 learn the clarinet. H studied music theory, composition & a host of other cirriculum for 2 yrs @ Julliard. Afterwards H picced bacc up his saxaphone & studied jazz for a summer. H began dabbling in writing & recording his own music at the age if 16 and has been in love w/ it ever since. McCloud's eclectic taste for music is sure to make him a very unique & noteworthy artist in the future.
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