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Jungle Brothers, Mike Gee, Baby Bam, Sammy B
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The Jungle Brothers

Legendary Hip-Hop group

The Jungle Brothers is an American Hip-Hop group that pioneered the fusion of jazz and Hip-Hop and also became the first Hip-Hop group to use a house-music producer. The group began performing in the mid-1980s and released its first album, Straight Out the Jungle, in July 1988. With Afrocentric lyrics and innovative beats, the Jungle Brothers were critically acclaimed and soon joined the influential Native Tongues collective. The original trio is comprised Michael Small (Mike Gee), Nathaniel Hall (Afrika Baby Bam, a homage to Afrika Bambaataa) and Sammy Burwell (DJ Sammy B, who also toured as fellow Native Tongues member Black Sheep Dres' DJ))

Their first album, Straight Out the Jungle, was released on an independent label and featured a hip-hop/house collaboration "I'll House You" produced by Todd Terry. Warner Bros. Records soon signed the group and released Done By the Forces of Nature in 1989. Following a four year break, the Jungle Brothers returned in 1993 with J Beez Wit the Remedy.

  • In 2008, their single "What U Waitin 4" was ranked number 88 on VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of Hip Hop.


  • Straight out the Jungle (1988), Warlock
  • Done by the Forces of Nature (1989), Warner Bros.
  • J Beez Wit the Remedy (1993), Warner Bros.
  • Raw Deluxe (1997), Gee Street/V2/BMG Records
  • V.I.P. (2000), Gee Street/V2/BMG Records
  • All That We Do (2002), Jungle Brothers
  • You in My Hut Now (2003), XYZ
  • This is... (Greatest hits) (2005), Nurture Records/Groove
  • I Got You (2006), Pinoeer Records
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1 Because_I_Got_It_Like_That
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2 Black_Is_Black
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3 Braggin__Boastinm4a
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4 Jimbrowski
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