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Hip-Hop Legend and Founder/CEO of Waste Management Records

Click here to view K-Solos classic Spellbound

Kevin Madison emerged as K-SOLO in 1987 through an alliance earlier formulated between him and Parrish Smith. This relationship later formulated to the “Hit Squad” leading to K-SOLO’s 1990 release titled “Tell the World My Name”, a product of 3 billboard top 20 hits. These would include the #2 debut hit titled “Your Mom is in My Business”. K-SOLO then followed his success with his second debut album titled “Times Up” which included 2 additional billboard top 20 hits. These would include the #4 debut hit titled “Letterman” on billboard’s top 20 charts.

Due to circumstances beyond his control, K-SOLO left Atlantic Records in the mid 90’s and signed with Death Row Records on the west coast under Suge Knight and began his second major music journey with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, and Tupac Shakur as his label mates. Incorporating his iconic talents within his label through lyrical inspiration resulted in the development and release of Hip Hop classic albums such as “Chronic” and “Doggy Style”.

After a hiatus, K-Solo began developing his own independent enterprise continuing his contribution towards creating hip hop excellence through a partnership formulated with Phillip Thorne, a well known producer and radio show DJ/Host in Rochester NY with production acclaims that include production for Jodeci and Tweet, Cell Block Records Inc. was formed. This creation carried artists such as Cambria Heights featuring female rapper “Solitear”, Grave Diggaz and Cavemen. K-Solo, during this time continued to use his talents and was instrumental in facilitating the emergence of artists such as Redman, Keith Murray and others.

Now, Kevin Madison (aka K-SOLO) CEO of Waste Management Records brings the legacy of K-SOLO to yet another level of contribution through lyrical excellence. Under the creation and development of the “Sharp Shooters”, he was successful in contractually binding 17 artists (individual as well as groups) with superior talents covering multiple genres of musical expression.

youtube: http://youtube.com/WMRrecords
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twitter: http://twitter.com/WMRrecords


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3 SoHardKSolo.mp3
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4 YourMomsInMyBusiness.mp3
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