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 There's nothing like doing what you love to do most; the difference between a career and merely a job. For musician Kale Dreamz, music comes from the heart. Growing up in Trenton, NJ wasn't easy; a neighborhood known for its tough streets and hardships, it was very difficult not succumb to the peer pressures and temptations of everyday life. However, Kale’s love for music kept him grounded and wanting more for himself than what he saw on a daily basis. Through all the hardships in his life there was a song that he could relate to that would help him get through it. The city of Trenton is his motivation to make chart topping music and make his presence felt.. Kale is here to make GREAT music for all and plans to do it for many years to come. Kale Dreamz aspires to become a muse for his City, Hip-Hop, and the WORLD.

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1 Back_in_Motion.mp3
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2 Hip_Hop_Chick.mp3
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3 Turbulence.mp3
No Album. .mp4 player .99 Share link Yes
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