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Kidd Caution

At 14 years old Kidd Caution is setting the bar for next generation emcees. Bringing lyrical skills and abilities to the forefront of a generation that has been programmed to think what's on the radio is hip hop. Guidance from his father underground hip hop artist Da Unknown Poet is helping him understand not just the culture but the art form itself.  In 2011 Kidd Caution started recording music with his dad. Under his father's wing has emerged NGEN Recordz a.k.a. Next Generation Recordz. As the 1st artist in the movement Kidd Caution will serve as an inspiration for other young artists to develop their skills and contribute to the artform returning to it's roots and making classic joints.With an album in the works being developed,numerous shows under his belt and official video for his song "Names Circulating" Caution is getting a taste of the grind early,and while this may not be a career choice currently it's well needed in hip hop and has given an outlet to stay off the streets and out of trouble.

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