Krumb Snatcha (K.S.)
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Krumb Snatcha (K.S.),King Solomon,Golden Phoenix
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Gangstarr,Wu-Tang,Notorious B.I.G.,Nas,Jay-Z
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Slick Rick (Children Stories),Eric B & Rakim "I aint no joke",Gangstarr "Make em pay"


For the last 16 years Krumbsnatcha or K.S. has made his way in the hip hop industry through his unique style, love of the music, and dedicating himself to his hip hop fans. And, true to form, K.S. is making his triumphant return as King Solomon and his upcoming album, The Key, to be released in March 2012.
Born Demetrius Lamont Gibbs on August 15th, 1974 in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, The oldest of three, K.S. has two younger sisters. Growing up, K.S. lived in several cities that influenced his musical style.  From Brooklyn to Harlem, Manheim and Frankfurt, Germany, to Worcester and Lawrence, Massachusetts, K.S. was exposed many different people and experiences. After attending Morris College for a semester, he joined the Army.  Currently, he is back in school working on his bachelor’s degree.
K.S. is no stranger to hip hop music. At the young age of 11 years old, he started rapping.  Over the years his many musical influences have helped him find his own style. His influences include, Eric B Rakim, Big Daddy Kane,
KRS One, Doug E. Fresh, The Fatboys, NWA, Cool Moe Dee, Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, Leaders of the New School, The Wu Tang Clan, and Gangstarr.
Through performing at local shows, and meeting Scientifik, K.S. submitted demos to MIA Records in Lawrence, MA. He was later introduced to DJ Premier who produced his well-known track, Closer to God. His lyrics spoke for themselves, and he was taken under the wing of the late Guru of Gangstarr fame.  Featured on the track, Make ‘Em Pay from Gangstarr’s Moment of Truth album, K.S. won Source Magazine's Hip Hop Quotable. He would later gain more notoriety with his W.O.L.V.E.S track featuring MOP on the Training Day soundtrack.
During his several years in the music industry, K.S. has worked with several artists and producers. Guru, Shabba Ranks, Ghostface Killah, Lord Tarek, MOP, Gangstarr, Nottz, Big Shug, Ed OG, Tony Touch, Blaq Poet, Termanology, Reks, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Large Professor, Arabian Knight, DJ Doom, and Beat Minerz just to name a few. For his new album, K.S. is working with Wu Tang DJ, DJ Intrigue.
K.S. has no intention of leaving the music world. He plans on releasing his 7th and 8th albums in the upcoming years along with entering into the movie industry. He also plans to expand his career by building his company, MindPower, into a major force in the music industry with a record label signing and producing new artists. He also would like MindPower to branch out into clothing, movies, and more.  Additionally, he’d like to create software geared towards recording and producing music that can be used at home.  K.S. is also preparing himself to write a book (or books) and even a movie script.  But most of all, K.S. would like to give back to the community that has raised him by creating a program for inner city youth that focuses on music, and can help teach and possibly create future artists that will be forces in the music world. ­
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Krumb Snatcha (K.S.)
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