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It has been a long time coming for Life the Legend. The Queens, New York, native has watched Hip Hop go from being the voice of the voiceless in its heyday to a corporate-owned genre that doesn't reflect the people nor the changing times we live in today. Life the Legend is here to change all that. The Raleigh, North Carolina based emcee aims to bring Hip Hop back to its glory years of party and conscious music. Someone has to do it, and in terms of lyrical style and skill, Life the Legend fits the bill. An emcee from a bygone era, Life is a throwback lyricist who skillfully weaves intricate stories and party rhymes that the Hip Hop audience at large can both appreciate and identify with. The genre sorely needs someone like Life the Legend to enter the picture.

Life the Legend's debut CD, "Long Time Coming" perfectly illustrates his patient wait and slow boil to become one of the top lyricists on the Hip Hop scene today. Life looks to continue in the tradition of noted lyricist, Nas, whose debut CD, "Illmatic", became an instant classic and propelled him to top lyricist status without the aid of collaborating with other major artists. The consummate performer, Life the Legend can hold his own live onstage with any rapper in the business today. The stage is where Life cleans his claws on weak wannabes that have muddled the genre and made Hip Hop what it is today, full of industry-created "greats" that make here-today, gone-tomorrow music.

There comes a time when music has to be rescued from itself, in spite of itself. For Hip Hop, the time is now and Life the Legend is the artist. "It's been a long time coming for someone to try to change the direction that Hip Hop is going in," Life says. "We're losing our voice, so I have to be the hot tea with lemon." It's now Life the Legend's time to shine…just sit back and enjoy the show; he's sure not to disappoint.

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2 L.I.F.E._The_Legend_ft_Pooh_Bear_Got_It_Cuz_I_Get_It_NC.mp3
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