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Lex the Don
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Roc-a-fella Records ,Master P,Jermaine Dupri
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Jay Z,Nas,2Pac,B.I.G.
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Represent,Cant knock the hustle,I get around
TBT Entertainment C.E.O / Producer / Rapper Lex the Don who’s real name is Colin Broadus was born on July 28, 1980 in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. From an early age growing up in the turbulent 80’s Lex listened to a mixture of different music from Big Daddy Kane to Madonna. He was a very charismatic and talented product of the then fledgling hip-hop movement. As L.E.X got older, he won DJ battles in clubs he wasn’t even old enough to be in and created mix tapes and sold them in his own and various other local schools and neighborhoods. Even at an early age Lex put his own personality into his music, but in the early 90’s music wasn’t bringing in enough money for this young entrepreneur, so it was not long before L.E.X became completely engulfed in the hustler lifestyle. Following the loss of two close friends to gang-related violence, and several narrow escapes of his own from both, death and lengthy prison sentences, Lex felt extremely fortunate, especially since his co-defendants plead guilty and were sentenced to five/10 years in prison. He decided to pull back from his criminal behavior and try to do something that his friends would not have an opportunity to do and go to college. It wasn’t as difficult as he thought because even during his wildest days he still remained an excellent student. Upon starting Long Island University in 2000, Lex’s interest in music production came back to the forefront. Lex and his group created a very popular college hip-hop television show, and was also a popular DJ for the school radio station, 88.1FM WCWP. It was at 88.1 FM where he first met DJ Kast One and L Boogs now members of DJ Enoughs Heavy Hitter Crew who were interns at the time for Enough at Hot 97 Radio in NYC. After winning a very heated battle at the "SPIT THESE BARS" MC battle which was hosted by L Boogs and Kast One, Lex quickly became a force to be reckoned with, with the founding TBT Entertainment. His newly established label used his access to the radio and television station to promote their artist and rapidly growing catalog. Also, Lex began hosting and promoting parties in popular clubs near the college. Lex soon made the name TBT Ent known throughout the college scene in Long Island and NYC. In December of 2002, Lex and his crew decided to return to the city and promote themselves where it really matters. Soon after returning home Lex started scheduling shows at various clubs, including “Cheetah’s Nightclub”, “Club Speed”, “Nuyorican Poets Café”, “Club Upper Manhattan”, “Club Demarara” and many more. Due to the fact that Lex no longer attended LIU he lost access to their state-of-the-art equipment and was forced to build a studio. He worked on many of TBT artists albums and released many popular underground mix-tapes such as; “Triboro Trilogy Mix-tape Volume 1” hosted by DJ Touch and Sincere, “Triboro Trilogy Presents: The Show”, and “The After Party” just to name a few. In 2003 he released his heavily anticipated debut album “Rags 2 Riches”, the album of his partner Gully De Los Santos “Left Lane”, as well as a few other artists’ albums. However, after the birth of his son music became less and less of a priority and Lex went back to school and returned to the hustler life. This return to the streets, however was short lived as Lex simply could not turn his back on his music. He returned to the studio and released a string of successful singles independently and began to establish a name in the NY underground circuit quickly signed up an coming rapper and younger cousin Reshonna "Sho" Wallace and in the winter of Spring of 2011 released her debut Street album "Peep Sho" which was an instant success and is still receiving rave reviews. However due to creative differences the two parted ways. A year later in the Fall of 2011 Lex relocated to his familys home state of SC and set up camp in the town of Anderson. He quickly seized the opportunity to take on several new artist like Rashad I. Am, Mossberg Lo, Nv and Amaretto. Now with a new roster of artist and a third album in the works and a slew of mix tape releases Lex the Don is definitely back and better than ever.
No. Song Album Listen Price Share Track Explicit Lyrics img
1 Baddest Girl
No Album. .mp4 player 0.99 Share link No
2 You Ain't Talking Money
No Album. .mp4 player .99 Share link Yes
3 You Da Police
No Album. .mp4 player .99 Share link Yes
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