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MC Shan

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MC Shan was born and raised in the Queensbridge Projects located in Long Island City a section in Queens, New York City and was a prominent member of the Juice Crew All-Stars. After a few singles were released , MC Shans debut album Down By Law came out in 1987.

Shan also found himself to be a key player in the noted hip hop rivalry the Bridge Wars between the Juice Crew and Boogie Down Productions. The feud was started when Shan and Marl released a song called "The Bridge" as a B-side to "Beat Biter," itself an answer record directed at L.L. Cool J. KRS-One responded with "South Bronx," and the Juice Crew replied with "Kill That Noise." Slate magazine described it as follows: "In 1986, it was a beef that launched the star of KRS-One, when his withering attacks on MC Shan effectively ended his rivals career." Boogie Down Productions then released "The Bridge is Over," widely celebrated among hip-hop fans as the paramount dis song. Years later, MC Shan remade "The Bridge" into "Da Bridge 2001," and strongly denied the bridge "was over", saying:

The Bridge was never over / we left our mark / The jam is dedicated to you and your boys / I brought my Queensbridge thugs to kill that noise

Shans second album, Born To Be Wild, followed in 1988 and revealed the b-boy persona of Shan, with production once again by Marley Marl. 1990s Play it Again, Shan displayed a more mature style, but proved to be his last album. When Cold Chillins sub label Livin Large was active, he was listed as one of its artists but never released any material. Despite the fact that he focused more on his production career (like Canadian reggae musician Snows 12 Inches of Snow, which featured "Informer", on which Shan appeared) he recorded "Da Bridge 2001" for Nass 2000 compilation called QBs Finest, which also featured Mobb Deep, Cormega, and Nature.

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1 Down_By_Law
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2 I_Pioneered_This
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3 Jane_Stop_This_Crazy_Thing
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4 Project_Ho
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5 The_Bridge
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6 Use_Me
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