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 Andres Martinez is his Latin name AKA. MC Dementor. 25 year old rapper and singer from the city of Bogota Colombia, this man with a hit of luck received a revelation that will give in the future years a real talk from the mid east, Africa and West Africa, Muslim and black markets.

The history begins in the city of Bogota Colombia in the October 2010 when MC Dementor shoot a video for his song titled “King Kong” In the local Bogota markets. The song crossed oceans and arrived in the Sahara North Africa and Arabic market with small fans. MC Dementor asked to himself, why are the people with Islam names are adding him and greeting him for his song.

If the Arab people and North Africa people was supporting MC Dementor he show his support too, to the Arab and African rappers and make a song with the video clip called “Africa” With the Sudanese artist Mohamed Abd Elateif and Hoodie. Recorded in Bogota and El Khartoum Sudan, this song is qualified by several newspaper like a “HIT” because the perfection in the production , the rock star chorus and a nice video mixing the Colombian Afro American culture and the Muslim north Sudan culture, this video was in a little time promoted in MCB channel. This song make Dementor popular in the underground hip hop scene of North Sudan and also entered fast in the south of Sudan. The Muslim and the black markets are the most difficult markets. The people want only good music, is so different to the Latin market where a reggaeton mix with a bad voice can become a hit and move millions of people in the Latin parties.

The song have entered too fast to Nigeria, Ghana and west African markets which the amount of fans is slow but is increasing fast making a movement for the black and Muslim people, reason for that MC Dementor has 2 more collaberations, one with a Nigerian artist called Borfi Simeon “Miss Obama” , also with the Gambian DJ presenter of West Coast radio “DJ GFaal” featured with the Jamaican star “Jah Vision” he has worked with Gyptian and turbulence that I also an option to enter Jamaica markets.

But the history don’t end here comes the best part, a sponsor in the United States of America based in Tampa love the “Africa” video clip and he opened a gate for the artist make a label to promote the African talent and hook them with famous artist in the world and media channels too , the label name is Jump Street Records the coworkers of Dementor are the Sudanese hip hop band Hoodstarz Gang, the Gambian radio presenter DJ Gfaal and the Nigerian artist Borfi Simeon MC Dementor is now a recording and promoted artist signed in Jump Street Records,

MC Dementor is not only Africa he have important growing artist in America in his side like the Miami DJ star, DJ khaled that is now promoting him in his video page, the Jamaican star Jah Vision, the Canadian 16 years old growing star Alexander Reyes he opened Gudda Gudda show in Vancouver and have in a week 20k views in the collaborative network Youtube, the Jamaican new singer Damas, and is working with a Nigerian promotion company too called Miracle arising productions.

In his near future projects MC Dementor is choosing a good location in Africa to record a music video and make a documentry about the African and muslim hip hop, also will shoot in 15 october a Music Video of the remixed version of King Kong by Sudanese rapper Hoodie and Ghana rapper Decordha recorded in Al Khartoum , Takoradi Ghana and Bogota Colombia , that will be promoted in the most important TV channels of Ghana and Nigeria,
MTV Africa is the most important aim for this video.

And the far projects is blow the movement and become a important and relevant rapper and leader and singer in all the Arab/African markets , United States black markets and Jamaica and islands markets and make his name immortal as the real first white Latino that made history in the difficult and hard black markets. He want to face and help football players in Africa too with his label, growing artist in African countries and make a artist/sport school in Nigeria and South Sudan.

MC Dementor

2010- Opening Kurtis Blow Show - Quito Ecuador

2011- Video Clip Africa FT Young Hoodie (Sudan)

2011- Signed up with Jump Street Records

2011- Single "Africa" and single "King Kong" Qualified "HIT" by Miami Mike (CEO Soulja Boy) 

2011- Knocking on the swagga FT DJ Gfaal (Gambia)/ Jah Vision (Jamaica)/ Ace Kiid (Sudan) 

2011- Video Clip Africa sponsored by DJ Khaled "We the best group"

2011- King Kong African Remix Ft Young Hoodie (Sudan)/ Dechorda (Ghana)

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