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Brooklyn born, New Jersey bred rapper Ramel Carter, better known as Mel 'Kid' Carter, has finally emerged from the shadows of his famous family's success. Nephew to Shawn Carter, a.k.a. Jay-Z, Mel and his music have always taken a backseat to his powerhouse uncle; but not anymore. With the release of his sophmore project, 'Popular Stranger', Mel is ready to take the reigns in this rap game. His uncle may have inspired Mel to turn his poetry into lyrics over dope beats, but the heart behind the music comes from this young star. After losing his cousin, Colleek Luckie, Mel made the decision to pursue his musical passion full time. In 2009, Mel dropped his first project 'Certified'. 'Certified' was critically acclaimed and received reviews and placements from, XXL, Rap Fanatic Magazine and more. Fast forward through shows, more accolades, and an ever-growing fanbase to 2012 and the upcoming Fall release of Mel's sophomore project, 'Popular Stranger'. Inspired by the obstacles faced as an emerging artist, love lost and gained, and Mel's dedication to his hustle and success, 'Popular Stranger' will surely set Mel apart from his fellow rap classmates. Self written lyrics combined with beats produced by J. Dot and Hunga give 'Popular Stranger' a smooth yet hard-hitting feel; the kind of music listened to on long car rides and summer nights. Connect with Mel, watch his movements, and become a fan:
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