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Boston has a new mouthpiece.

Get to know the elevated mind of Michael Joachim, a self-made, young entrepreneur, who was raised in the confrontational streets of Mattapan in Boston, Massachusetts.

It was here, where he developed his alter ego “Mic-Jay”, who is both, street smart and a real Hip Hop head. In times of trials and tribulations, Mic-Jay began to pen his street life experiences and participated in any “open-mic” event he came across. Eager to use his abilities to be credit to Hip Hop, he succeeded to grab the ears with his reflective lyrics, wit and clever word-play.

In September 2007 Mic-Jay decided to move to Atlanta in order to pursue his musical ambitions and network within the industry.

Atlanta opened many doors and opportunities and he teamed up with manager and image consultant Josh Leak and producer/engineer Clef. Under their wings, his knowledge of the music industry evolved and he was given valuable advice on how to navigate through the industry, avoiding profiteers.

After a couple of successful recordings throughout it did not take long before the record deal offers came in. Instead of putting his signature under a contract that might restrain him creatively, Mic-Jay decided to move back home to the Bean in order to master his own sound. He also maintained a traveling relationship between Florida and Atlanta in effort to keep his name relevant to certain key people in his network.

Mic-Jay is clearly a man with vision who knows what he is capable of and he will not settle for anything less.

In 2008 encouraged by his newly gained insight into the music industry, he built a studio and office in his hometown, an accomplishment that is yet another testimonial of his professional growth as an artist.

He created his own label and is now the CEO of “Elevated Mind Records”. Mic-Jay proves that he is not a businessman, but a business man.

Keeping in touch with his music network consisting of Atlanta to New York’s major/indie labels, beat makers, sound engineers and artists, Mic-Jay is willing to work with those who can contribute to his music projects and to “Elevated Mind Records”.

Mic-Jay's 2008 debut album “One Of A Mind” was a sincere and compelling account of his life as a hustler and artist. His album created a considerable amount of buzz and Mic-Jay started doing shows throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

In 2010 his world fell off its axis and Mic-Jay literally had to fight for his life and battle his way back into the music scene. He relocated to Marietta, Georgia to deal with his personal turmoil and get away from the lifestyle that had been the fuel for his debut album. Mic-Jay took the year off from music and business and used it for introspection and self-discovery. He teamed up with singer and spiritual guide Victoria Grace and regained his connection to God. They recorded a couple of songs together and

Mic-Jay expressed his newfound understanding for himself his life and the power of his words.

In 2011 Mic-Jay resumed his dedication to music by setting up a studio in Atlanta for his EMR label in Marietta Georgia but after a short year of adjusting to southern comfort and regained energy Mic-Jay returned to the Bean with a goal to regain and further his not too long ago hold on the city.

Furthermore, Mic-Jay recently began shooting videos with Ernesto Galan owner of Scalped Productions in effort to provide a visual story to his music. Together they have produced Mic-Jay's first official video for his single "Slow Down" off his 2012 EP entitled FAST LIFE which included works with Evelyn Leong and Nomin Ganbold and many of Boston's elite models.

Mic-Jay yet again shows his dedication and smarts by being the first of many to release his own artist application for Iphone and Android mobile users which he also made available for FREE download to the public. After recognizing the peoples interest in the App, Mic-Jay began flooding his app with videos and new music produced by Jeremy Paige recorded at Cybersound Recording Studios in Boston Mass owned by Perry Geyer and Madd Studios in Allston Mass owned by his personal favorite most talented music producer Douglas Watkins who produced singles such as "THE SECRET", TRUST ISSUES', 'ELEVATED MINDS', 'MENUDO', "TAKE ME HOME' "CASH AND GOLD" and many more.

With his newly found work ethic, new partners and also becoming the first client to his close business partner Cam McGowan's security force at "Athletes Choice Security" now working with Vince Wilfork of the New England Patriots. Mic-Jay is now ready to reintroduce himself to old fans and new fans as he now prepares for national tours of his many Singles.

[done by Alexandra Paschalidis]

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