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Mighty Mike C performing the smash hit 'Rockin' it':

The Mighty Mike C got his start in Harlem after listening to a fellow student named Jimmy West spitting his rhymes during lunch hour. Mike C was so impressed that he decided this was the direction he wanted to take with his music career and formulated his first group The Rock City Crew which consisted of 11 members.

After the Rock City Crew disbanded, Mike C joined the group The Family and continued to master his craft. Once The Family disbanded, Mike C joined DLB, Tito and Peso and formed the hit group The Fearless 4. Mike C along with fellow members wrote, produced, and co-produced the album titled, “Problems of the World,” which featured the hit single F4000 (Warner Brothers) which was produced by Kurtis Blow. “Rockin’ It” (Enjoy Records) was another smash hit by The Fearless Four which soared to #1 on Billboard’s charts. The Fearless 4 are the first Hip Hop Group to sign with a major label (Warner Bros / Electra Asylum). For this fact they are Hip Hop History!

The Fearless 4 members are all from Harlem: 3 of the members went to the same junior high school, and Peso and Mike C lived in the same building in Manhattanville Projects. Mike C also grew up with Kool Moe Dee and LA Sunshine of the Treacherous 3.

A devout family man, Mike C was born on March 10, 1964 and has a true passion for Hip Hop and comedy. Mike C currently tours with Kool Moe Dee filling in for Special K of the Treacherous 3. The Fearless 4 continues to perform together and is working on their tour schedule for the upcoming year. Be on the lookout, they may be in a city near you!

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