Miranda Writes
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Miranda Writes,LPD Entertainment
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Eminem, Wu- Tang, Jay Z, 2Pac, Biggie, Hopsin ,Mis
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No Apologies- Eminem, So Many Tears - Tupac, Mona Lisa - Slick Rick

Miranda Writes

Miranda Writes is an aspiring Emcee from Central Jersey who is generating a great deal of "buzz" for her innovative fusion of Old School Hip Hop and Spoken Word. Miranda's authentic Old School style, endless commitment, and dynamic stage presence have earned her a great deal of recognition and accolades from her peers within social media, inclusion in a highly respected literary magazine, shout-outs and mentions on dozens of online blogs, music forums, video charts and viewing sites, along with her incredible support from the Universal Zulu Nation.

Miranda is driven by a 24/7 commitment to grow and excel within the Emcee community and foster respect and broad fan adoption to drive the revival of Old School Hip Hop culture, beats, and lyrical style.

She began writing at 15, and at 16 with the help of her parents built an in-home recording studio where she recorded her first demo that quickly put her on the map. This demo also attracted the interest of a number of seasoned Hip Hop artists who were immediately interested in working with her. Many of these professional musicians, now part of Miranda's fan base have remarked that they were blown away by her strong lyrics and unique creative ability to combine them with a powerful message and resounding beats. This unique combination has earned her industry recognition as a true Old School Hip Hop performer "wise beyond her years".

Her initial underground home videos quickly generated an online buzz with over 10,000 + YouTube views, this early success leads to her current placement within a much more professional production group LPD Entertainment. Miranda is now 18 years of age and she is aggressively looking for an opportunity to take her music and message to the next level within the Hip Hop marketplace where she believes she can make a difference, drive a new level of respect, global fan adoption, and industry sales for a female Emcee. While this is inevitable, it has not happened yet in the US or Europe.

Interests: Music, Writing, Reading, Snowboarding

Favorite Book: The book of lost things - John Connolly

Favorite Quote: All things are possible!

Contact: queensha79@gmail.com

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