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Forget everything you've heard about real Hip-Hop to date, MONSTA aka MONSTA GANJAH is the genuine article. Hailing from the streets of Long Beach, California and introduced to the rap world by legendary Bay Area Don 'Yukmouth' (of platinum selling duo The Luniz), MONSTA has been patiently waiting to give fans a dose of his deep West Coast narrative & take them on a road trip down the "Pacific Coast Highway".

Born and raised by a Samoan Father and a Mexican mother, Monsta was exposed to the harsh realities of two dominant cultures that co-exist on the streets of LA.

The nephew of pioneering Samoan rappers and West Coast legends the BOO YAA TRIBE, Monsta is considered the Heir to the Polynesian Hip-Hop Legacy and is proving his potency delivery the current "GOLD selling RIANZ Top 20 hit "This Is Love" with Hawaiian based Reggae star J Boog.

"Pacific Coast Highway" is state highway 1 that connects the entire West Coast of the United States from the Canadian border to Mexican border, It's been called the most beautiful drive in America and given that almost all Polynesian communities in the United States are based along this coast and with it's obvious geographical location to the Pacific Ocean and the beautiful tropical Islands that populate it's seas , MONSTA felt it was the perect title to pay respect to his heritage whilst simuatanusly portraying the life of a Samoan raised on the streets of LA.

Monsta first entered the professional world of the music industry appearing on Yukmouths album "United Ghetto's Of America" in 2002.
With Yukmouths prolific release schedule Monsta put in guest appearances with Tech N9ne, Z-Ro, Gonzoe, Planet Aisa, The Realest and Un-kasa (Dipset/ Purple City) as part of the West Coast Super group The Regime.

In late 2002 MONSTA was tragically shot twice while attending a VIP industry event in Hollywood. The wounds from the shooting would take months to heal leading MONSTA to spend most of 2003 in recovery. Fortunately Monsta used the time to focus on changing his life, writing songs and developing a new sound.

From 2003-2006 Monsta toured the world relentlessly with Yukmouth as part of the group "The Regime", and made appearances on all three installments of Yukmouth Presents The Regime "All Out War" compilations.

During his touring schedule Monsta made stop off's performing in both New Zealand and Australia as part of the Kurupt / Luniz tour and found himself at home with the number of Polynesian people that turned out to support him at all of his shows. Seeing an opportunity to further his music Monsta based himself in Australia for two years and released critically acclaimed street mix CD's "Hood Epidemick Vol 1 & 2" as well as the New Zealand radio hit "Butterflies" with Delani and "Allow Me To Re-introduce myself EP" in early 2010.

"Pacific Coast Highway" is the culmination of the past 10 years in MONSTA's musical journey and features song's that cover every aspect of his life, from his early days as a samoan child in the church, to growing up as a teenager in the streets and gang activity of Carson City & Long Beach. With High profile features from Regime member Yukmouth, Hell Rell (Dipset) and current Bay Area stars THE JACKA & HUSALAH of the MOBFIGAZ, MONSTA is looking forward to the release of "Pacific Coast Highway" in both New Zealand and the United States so he can finally appease patient Regime fans all over the world.

No. Song Album Listen Price Explicit Lyrics img
1 14 No Hero.mp3
Pacific Coast Highway .mp4 player .99 Yes
2 13 That Twerk.mp3
Pacific Coast Highway .mp4 player .99 Yes
3 12 We Made It.mp3
Pacific Coast Highway .mp4 player .99 Yes
4 11 Everyday Struggle.mp3
Pacific Coast Highway .mp4 player .99 Yes
5 10 Like You.mp3
Pacific Coast Highway .mp4 player .99 Yes
6 09 Freedom Of Speech.mp3
Pacific Coast Highway .mp4 player .99 Yes
7 08 Own Thang.mp3
Pacific Coast Highway .mp4 player .99 Yes
8 07 Dont Say Shhh.mp3
Pacific Coast Highway .mp4 player .99 Yes
9 06 Long Beach Raised Me.mp3
Pacific Coast Highway .mp4 player .99 Yes
10 05 Summertime.mp3
Pacific Coast Highway .mp4 player .99 Yes
11 04 This Is Love.mp3
Pacific Coast Highway .mp4 player .99 Yes
12 03 Mother Nature (Roll Up).mp3
Pacific Coast Highway .mp4 player .99 Yes
13 02 Wesperados.mp3
Pacific Coast Highway .mp4 player .99 Yes
14 01 Brand New.mp3
Pacific Coast Highway .mp4 player .99 Yes
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