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A product of the East New York section in Brooklyn, N.Y., New Yitty (which means New York) is poised to take over the rap world with a flow that is what he likes to call "Aggressively Laid Back". Far from a rookie, New Yitty began rhyming in 1999, with the encouragement of his friend/ producer Sky Carter.
While attending Marshall University in Huntington, W.V., New Yitty hooked up with another student/local rapper and formed the group The Great Onez. After opening up for acts such as Drag-On and The Nappy Roots, the local success of their debut album "Destined for Greatness" was short lived when Yitty was sentenced to Federal Prison for "Possession With The Intent To Distribute".
After serving four years, New Yitty returned to a brand new focus, a polished flow and what seem to be a rejuvenated swag! His first day home, after spending time with some family and friends, Yitty immediately began recording his first solo mixtape "New Jack Yitty". Shortly after, he began doing countless showcases throughout the NYC area as well as multiple mixtape placements and features. Yitty was back and ready to be the "Face of NY".
When childhood friend and business partner Papers brought Canadian Super-Producers IllaTracks to Yitty's attention, a light bulb went off! He thought, "Their tracks had the sound I was looking for. That New York/ New Yitty sound. And the fact that they're from Canada I saw an opportunity to spread my fan base." Yitty began recording to their tracks along with Sky Carter's and various other producers.
In 2010, New Yitty was featured on 4 tracks on IllaTrack's album "Illegal Sound Vol. 1" which also featured various artists both locally and internationally, mainly from Canada, France and New York. He also released the epic Audio-Cinema "2020 Shit: The Movie" with Block Huggaz label mate & High School friend O.D. "2020 Shit" features production from both Sky Carter and IllaTracks and was released via iTunes. New Yitty has managed to create a buzz both locally and internationally with these releases along with a string of music videos via, YouTube and tons of Hip-Hop blog sites.
Currently, New Yitty is working on his highly anticipated mixtape "New Yitty State Of Mind" and is set to jump to the forefront of the "New-New York" movement with what he says to be, "Classic Music". With his ability to create timeless music, expect New Yitty to be around for quite a while. When asked what we should expect from him, he says, "You can expect greatness from me. I've been though a lot and I've seen a lot. I feel blessed that I've been given the gift of putting these real life experiences into song format. When I dropped "You Get It!!!", people really took to it and it was really about my life. I put a lot of pressure on myself because I expect greatness from myself."
Being around New Yitty, there's a certain confidence about him. The feeling that he is so sure. Sure about the fact that he has something special to offer and we should be happy to receive it. But at the same time, there's a respectful and humbleness about him as well. With experiences that range from college to prison, from the streets to 9-5, I'm sure Yitty will be able to keep us tuned in for years to come. I get it...

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