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Ron Eazi was born in Los Angeles California. He came into the music scene performing around the city of L.A. when he was just sixteen years old. Ron Eazi's first album Chasing The Dream, with street hits "The Anthum" and "The Answer" hit the music scene in late 2007. "The dude can flow, should make song 14, "Fake Ni--as" radio ready," stated by rapper Benzino a former co-owner of the Source hip hop magazine. In 2010 Ron Eazi released his new album Revelation. His most recent release features Sony Epics recent recording artist Nipsey Hussle (My Shine-Remix & Streetmix) produced by Solpowa ENT, a video was released summer 2010 that was directed by Tone Toven from Yahoo Music with help from some of DJ SKEE's staff. Ron Eazi has a new single that features Def Jam recording hit artist Jayo Felony, now on iTunes. Ron Eazi has a Buzz in California that continues to grow.. Look for more Ron Eazi music on mixtapes & iTunes..

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