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Sadat X

Sadat X, is one third of the of the legendary group Brand Nubian, and has been blessing hip-hop with his unique sound for more than 2 decades. Check his delivery and story telling skills on the joint Slow Down. Sadat has not slowed down over the years. When with the group, they craft classic songs like Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down. As a solo artist, he has put out over a half dozen albums and has been on countless features. He's the rapper, all rappers respect. He has worked with heavyweights like the late Notorious BIG, Jay- Z , Nas, etc. , but has no problem moving with new artists as well. Sadat X believes in the art of hip-hop and attempts to make sure creativity keeps moving forward. He continues to bless the mic and is working hard. To stay abreast of what he's doing, please follow him @SadatX

Below is just a sample of what he has blessed.

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1 IKnowThisGameMain
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2 IKnowThisGameRadio
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