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Sonja Blade

Sonja Blades insertion into the rap game started at a young age and was developed from the mean streets of Brooklyn, NY. Sonja Blade is not a stranger to the music industry as her first big break came when she teamed up with super producer Dj Clark Kent, who also had his imprint on another well known and successful Brooklyn rapper, Jay Z. Sonja, under the guidance of Clark Kent, began to make a serious buzz and made people take notice that she was going to be a significant force in this music game.

After appearing on several mixtapes and building her underground buzz Ms. Blade and Clark Kent went to work on getting Sonja a recording deal. With long hours and hard work Sonjas project was finally ready for the labels to experience what everybody else was talking about. To no surprise it didn take long for Virgin Records to see what the underground market already saw. Signed to Virgin Records Sonja began to put together a serious album that would make the world take notice that she was not only a pretty face, but also a serious force to be reckoned with. Sonja employed the production skills of Dj Premier, Just Blaze, Chucky Thompson, Rocwilder, the Neptunes, Dj Scratch and Featured artists such as Busta Rhymes, Nate Dogg and Carl Thomas. Her first single, Look 4 Tha Name produced by Dj Premier was a smash hit. It introduced Ms. Blade to the entire world and Djs such as Kay Slay, Dj Absolut, Kid Capri and many others took notice of the single and started to give it serious airplay.

While continuing to put the final touches on her debut album, Sonja began to lend her pen to other projects. She worked in conjunction with Shaquille O eal doing a freestyle for Funk Master Flexs 60 minutes CD and assisting Shaquille with some of the writing on his own album project. Ms. Blade didn stop there she found herself alongside the heavyweights on the first Violators album where she held her own with Prodigy, Mysonne and others in the Violators Camp.

Sonja kept coming back with more features such as Kay Slays first album where Sonja and other female rappers, Vita, Angie Martinez, Amil, Dutchess, Remy Martin all teamed up on the record 7 Deadly Sins to showcase their skills for the world to see. Next Sonja found herself alongside Rah Digga on her Debut Album Dirty Harriet for the song Do Tha Ladies Run This which also featured Eve. Ms. Blade also took her music to the movies where she appeared on the Romeo Must Die Soundtrack on the D Moet Produced single "Come On", that album sold 2 million Records. Next up was a song featured in the movie Formula 51.

After lending her talents to so many projects, Sonja was now ready to put her focus back on herself and release her debut album, but instead Virgin and Sonja had a few issues that needed to be worked out. In the end an agreement was made with Sonja and Virgin Records allowing her to seek a recording venture elsewhere. After her split with Virgin, Sonja found herself being courted by the likes of Dj Kay Slay, Producer Jimi Kendrixx of the INC fame and many others, but after her last situation, Sonja decided to take her time and carefully look over each offer before signing to another situation. She therefore teamed with her manager/business partner to form their own label Top of Tha World Entertainment.

August 19, 2012 Sonja took the industry by storm again and won the highest achievement possible at that level, she took home Female Artist of The Year Award in The Underground Music Awards. Now, Ms. Blade has a new team thats ready to grind as hard as she does. Sonja quotes "Im ready to give the game back what its been missing, That Chick" and her timing couldn be any better. The game better be ready because SHE IS!

Heres just a taste of Sonja Blade... 

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