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Spyder D - Hip-Hop Legend

"Spyder D" (Duane Hughes) was a classic "old school" rapper and producer from New York City who combined elements of jazz and funk in his live instrumental backing tracks. "Big Apple Rappin'" was perhaps his most famous 12" from post-disco era, released on his own Newtroit Records in 1980, becoming the first rapper to do so. Another notable release was "I Can't Wait (To Rock The Mike)", released in 1986 as single-a version of the Nu Shooz hit "I Can't Wait". Other Spyder D releases include "Buckwheat's Rap" (Profile, 1985), and the house party hit "Smerphie's Dance", now an often-sampled cult classic (not to be confused with another early 80's song called "The Smurf", performed by Tyrone Brunson). Spyder D's brand of music was characterized by a laid back attitude, humor, and skills on the microphone. He released a full length album in 2000 entitled True Dat, which didn't earn the acclaim of his early work.

In 2005, he was the owner of an ABA franchise, the Charlotte Krunk (named after a type of hip hop music). Glenn Toby, founder of The Book Bank Foundation and former rap rival from Queens, NY (known then in the rap world as "Sweety G"), utilizing his knowledge gained as a sports agent, teamed up with Spyder D to help build the franchise. The franchise moved to Atlanta and joined the CBA under new majority owner Freedom Williams, the former lead voice for multi-platinum dance-hop group C+C Music Factory, where Spyder signed Grayson Boucher, aka The Professor of And 1 fame, and recruited NY basketball legend Kenny Anderson as head coach.

Spyder D is still involved in the industry, as an artist, producer, engineer, artist manager, and label executive. His Newtroit Records is the first rap label to successfully launch by a Rap artist in 1980. His most recent project is ready to be released, Heat Seekers “Valentine’s Day Love Pack”.

Spyder D's motto is: "Never Forget Where You Came From, Be Proud Of Where You're Going'"

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