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Tone Lyfe and Ei8trak are the new dynamic duo from the Bronx called The FACULTY. They are sure to keep you nodding  your heads while giving a vivid picture of the life they live and the struggles of everyday street life, But do not think they are new comers. This amazing group has been in the game for over 10 years, but you probably didn’t know it was their musical influences you were hearing.
        Lyfe (born Juan Cruz) and Ei8TraK (born David Diaz) both grew up in the Kingsbridge section and the Riverdale area of the Bronx, respectively, they both endured rough childhoods and quickly became influenced by Hip Hop and the street life it represented. After multiple run-ins with the law for petty crimes a teenage Lyfe decided to take his friends advice and do something serious with the talent he had for rhyming and putting words together.  Around this same time in the mid 90’s Ei8Trak released a number of 12 inch underground hits under the MASS VINYL label that are now considered classics amongst the underground elite record collectors. These titles include; “Cheers”, “Money I Got”, “Girls, Girls”, “Book of Death”, and the “Mass Vinyl collectors edition” which included the birth of The FACULTY on joints like: “Money”, “Bleeding Hate” and “Don’t mean Jack”.
        In the late 90’s a chance meeting through a mutual friend brought Lyfe and Ei8TraK together. Their shared love for Hip Hop resulted in a natural companionship. It only took about one week before Lyfe and Ei8Trak were in the studio together recording. From there Ei8Trak mentioned he had a name for a group he’d been waiting to use ever since he created it on the Mass Vinyl label. The name of the group was The FACULTY. Over the next couple of years The FACULTY created there own multi-syllable bounce, and linked up with a long time friend of Ei8TraK named D.J.SHOK. D.J.SHOK had just gotten signed to the RUFF RYDERS label as an in-house producer and brought the FACULTY on board to help ghost write for many multi-platinum artists SHOK was working with at the time. All the while The FACULTY was trying to land their own record deal, however this proved to be a little more difficult then just writing songs for artist who were already established.
         Eventually The FACULTY joined forces with the world famous D.J.MIKE NICE. MIKE NICE had a vision for a label called VENOM RECORDS. His dream was to start a label to put out this amazing group he had the opportunity to record during a freestyle session. Finally after years of writing, recording, and performing The FACULTY got their opportunity to shine with the 2011 release of their debut album “BX. (HARD LESSONS)”. 
         “BX. (HARD LESSONS)” is a versatile compilation of songs by The FACULTY that paints a vivid picture of what Hip-Hop is supposed to be. From beginning to end this album has it all; hard beats, with production from the likes of Domingo Beatz, D.J.SHOK (RUFF RYDERS), Jared Liveson(D-BLOCK), D.J.MIKE NICE, R&B DIVINE and The Faculty’s own Ei8traK compliment strong, heart felt lyrics that only The FACULTY can deliver.

         With cameos from KOOL G RAP, SHEEK LOUCH from the LOX, PERSIA, R&B DIVINE, and The INCOMPARABLE SHAKESPEAR, “BX. (HARD LESSONS)” is sure to be held as another classic Hip-Hop album with music that is timeless. 

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