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Will EQ

Hailing from ATLANTA, GA - Will EQ is a young Emcee/Activist who is leading the charge to bring back the Golden Age of ATL Hip Hop, when groups like Outkast and Goodie Mob dominated the airways.

"I grew up on Kast and Goodie MOB. Those were the artists who set the soundtrack to my youth. They are the ones who inspired me to want to spit. So I am just trying to bring back that feel," says WIll EQ.

Will EQ began writing rhymes in early elementary school. At first he just rewrote the lyrics to the songs from his favorite artists. Later, he began crafting his own masterpieces.

"When I write I try to make music that people can relate to, that therefore entertains them. Yet, at the same time I make sure I weave some social commentary and empowering messages into my music as well. Because that is who I am, I am a regular kid from ATL but I am also aware of what is going on around me in my community and in society as a whole. And I am not afraid to talk about it."

Will EQ is a lyrical perfectionist who laughs at the current argument that the modern day ATL rappers are devoid of lyricism.

"I am a true lyricist period. I put a lot of work into perfecting my lyricism and everyday I keep getting better. I am ready - and I mean it as no disrespect - to go bar for bar against the Drakes, the Kendricks and the J Coles of the world."

Be prepared to hear a lot more from this young man.

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