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Yungstar 6'3 was born Jarrett William Partlow on may 24, 1990 in White Plains, NY. He was born to Gwendolyn Ann Partlow and James Kersey. Kersey was a streetwise hustler from the south, living in the Bronx's Gun Hill/Bronxwood area. Kersey who was a don in his game, raised his son to never be a fool, and nothing was going to be given to him. Gwendolyn on the other hand worked as corrections officer in the Westchester county jail, and tried to keep Jarrett sheltered from the ways of his father. From the start Jarrett lived with his grandparents who raised him in the church where he first found his musical talents in the choir. Almost as soon as he discovered music he discovered hip-hop. Getting heavier and heavier into music his mother brought him turntables and he started DJing when he was 11. Soon after he was doing parties and writing rhymes to his mixes. Jarrett Partlow hooked up with long time friend from drum corp. Christopher "Killa" Killiebrew and Sean "Source" Jarrett who wanted to produce music to start recording his rhymes in Christopher's basement. When he was thirteen he started his freshman year of high school at Cardinal Spellman High in Bronx, NY. With the ways of his father instilled in him it wasn't long before Jarrett developed hustles of his own. But silently he would write his rhymes and sharpen his skills. Soon after Jarrett was dubbed 6'3 (Syxthree) by a close friend referring to his height at the time. Two years of working and molding his skills finally paid off when Syxthree was introduced to pioneer DJ Chuck Chillout in Bedroc Studios. Chuck instantly liked Syxthree giving him the nickname "youngstar". By 18 Youngstar Syxthree was Rhyming in college and, career wise, was being backed by Chuck Chillout. Currently he is recording his debut album and shows no signs of stopping.

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2 Nothings_Promised_Dirty_Mastered.mp3
No Album. .mp4 player .99 Share link Yes
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