Advertising connects you to those that are a part of the Hip-Hop culture. Is Hip-Hop a look, a feel? It's more than a music genre, it is a culture that has a "yes we can" attitude. It's a lifestyle that is about expression. This culture is not about fads, it's about trend setting and being in control. reaches those decision makers that are deeply rooted in the genre and driving those trends.

Those that live this lifestyle are spending money. is connecting you with those that are attached to this culture. is aimed at reaching adults that are conscious about themselves. They are the keys to making businesses successful today. If you are building a brand or have an established brand, you do not want to ignore this slice of the world?

There are many ways to connect with our audience, but the standard ad options are as follows:

Impression Based

Leaderboard 728 x 90 File Size 40K :15 Animation Length
Medium Rectangle 300 x 250 File Size 40K :15 Animation Length

Other opportunities:

  • video pre-roll
  • sponsorships
  • pop unders
  • expandable banners

* all ads must follow IAB standards. Formats accepted are .gif, .jpg, or .swf files
Sound creative must be initiated by a user click. Off sound must be clearly marked on creative that uses sound.

Please allow us to build a custom advertising proposal based upon your needs. Please email us your contact information (name, telephone number and the type of business) and the best time to contact you.

We will connect you with the culture that counts.