When the lights go down, where are the crowds going? Is it the park, school yard, the local corner, it really doesn't matter, the key is that you are going to hear the streets hop. As LL said way back when, 'Cars ride by with the boomin systems'.

You are going to hear the latest beats, as well as the lyrics streaming from a talented individual. Heads are nodding and hands clapping, this is the life and there's no better place to be than here - repping your hood.

We are bringing your hood to the world. No matter if you are CHI's baddest, NY Finest or from the Dirty Dirty you can see what other areas of the globe are listening too. Hip-Hop is an art and we are no longer seeing the canvas being painted in Cali and New York. Like Rakim said, 'It ain't where you from, it's where you at...' The art is in every corner of the globe and it's only a click away.

Every 'hood' has a story to tell, what better way to tell it than through Hip-Hop!