Industry Reform Is Always Possible - It Just Takes Some Creative Thinking - Forbes LLC is an online digital music distribution service that specializes in 'rare' music, focusing on the genre of Hip-Hop. We officially launched in January of 2011 (prior to both Google Music and Microsoft's Music Service) and have amassed thousands of artists and members during that time, all through grassroots efforts and word-of-mouth.

Hip-Hop is more than what is being distributed on the airwaves. Creativity exists and it's up to the listener to decide what is hot. specializes in delivering a wide selection of songs not heard on mainstream radio. We want to celebrate and reward creativity, which will allow artists to excel and succeed at their craft. levels the playing field for all artists, no matter where they are located or what age group they fall into. believes in the concept of music on demand. For years, music has been placed in the hands of program directors and A&Rs to tell us what is hot, we allow the listener to decide.

We celebrate those artists that have paved the way and those that are influencing Hip-Hop today. A number of Hip-Hop veterans are still active, but you will not hear their music on the radio. is a digital aggregator for both the vets and independent/underground artists looking to have their music heard and sold. There is NO MIDDLE MAN with, royalties from each sale goes straight to the artist!

To see why investing in LLC is a good investment, please send an email to and include 'Invest' in the subject line. We will send you the permissions to access our video presentation. Serious inquires only!

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